Dream Interpretation of cutting nails according to Islam and psychologists

Dream Interpretation Of Cutting Nails According To Islam And Psychologists

What does it mean to dream about cutting nails? Not infrequently people wonder about this dream. It seems like a trivial dream.

However, not once or twice do people dream about it, and it raises the question of what is the meaning behind such a dream. Let’s find out here.

Cutting nails is a symbol of self-cleaning, as according to Islam, we are forbidden to keep long nails.

Because behind the long fingernails there will be geniuses lodged in the fingernails and according to health experts it is not good to keep long fingernails as they store a lot of germs and bacteria.

Well, here are some nail clipping dream meanings that you may have experienced.

Dream Interpretation of cutting nails

Dream Interpretation Of Cutting Nails
Dream Interpretation of cutting nails according to Islam and psychologists Arti Mimpi Memotong Kuku

Dreaming of Cut Nails is an image of the dreamer who has noticed something that is not good in the dreamer.

Usually such a dream is a sign that something good will come to the dreamer.

Perhaps this good thing is a long-awaited dream hope and dreamer’s dream.

According to experts, dreaming of cutting nails is an image of you being someone who is meticulous and careful, and does not underestimate the little things.

Also, this dream means that you are someone who is diligent, a perfectionist at work, and this is a very good trait and habit.

The other more specific meanings you should know are as follows:

dream that you cut your nails

If you dream of cutting your nails, it means that a condition will come where you will find comfort in life and live in a happy state.

And also, this is a sign of the coming of success and luck that will make your life more prosperous and prosperous.

To dream that you cut your toenails

If you dream of cutting your toenails, this is a sign that you are tired of having a relationship with your lover who always gets into trouble.

And maybe this is the time when you should let go and reflect on what you’ve done, and try to stop lusting after a partner. Maybe it’s for the best.

Dream about cutting nails and bleeding

If you dream that you are cutting your nails but it bleeds, you should be aware of dreams like this, yes.

Because this dream means that there will be people who want to hurt you, who can hurt you, this could be from your partner or someone close to you.

Try to trust other people less and try to keep things a little more secretive.

However, this is just a dream, we don’t have to believe it, but from this dream we can take the positive side even if some say that this dream can bring bad luck.

Other meanings of dreams:

So we can’t think negatively, gangs, and it’s good that we worship and pray to always be released and receive protection.

So that’s it for now, the discussion of the meaning of dreams this time, I hope it can motivate us all. Thanks

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