Download Zarchiver Pro Latest APK Free Without Password

Download Zarchiver Pro Latest Apk Free Without Password

For those who want to extract or compress a file, have you ever tried an app called Zarchiver Pro APK? Yes, this is an app that you can use to compress and extract files using an Android smartphone.

Of course, you really need this app for various activities, one of which is when downloading files in .zip or .rar formats. The file needs to be extracted first before it can be used. Well, here is the information about Zarchiver Pro APK that you need to know.

Review the Zarchiver Pro APK

Reviewïzarchiver Pro Apk
Download Zarchiver Pro Latest APK Free Without Password Review%D1%8FZarchiver Pro APK

It can be said that Zarchiver can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. But in the free version, you can’t use all available features. There are still many features that are locked and can only be used if you switch to the premium version.

This is what is often a problem for users of the Zarchiver app. Many people cannot afford to spend money just for an app on their smartphone.

But there is no need to worry because later on, Zarchiver Pro APK will be distributed below which you can download for free.

The Zarchiver app that will be shared, is a mod version redesigned by third parties. So, in addition to all the features of the original Zarchiver that you can use, you will also find a number of other additional features.

Even though this is a mod version, which means it is an illegal app, you don’t have to worry. This app is still safe to use, and this has been proven by its users. So far, there hasn’t been any case that proves that Zarchiver mod Pro has a negative impact.

Yes, maybe an app like Zarchiver is rarely used, but one day it will also come in handy. Also, for those who have work or activities close to the internet, this app is certainly very necessary.

So don’t forget to install the Zarchiver Pro app on the Android smartphone you are using. Don’t let this app really need you, you don’t have it yet. Because we also don’t know when this kind of application will be needed later.

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Features of Zarchiver Pro APK

Features Of Zarchiver Pro Apk

As said earlier, this app comes with several additional features that cannot be found in the original version. So here are some of the features of Zarchiver Pro APK.

1. Extract file

The main function of this Zarchiver app is to extract files. In the past, the process of extracting files could only be done with a PC or laptop, but not thanks to the technological developments that are manifested by the existence of applications like Zarchiver.

So with this application you can easily extract files like .rar and .zip. All bundled files can be extracted using this Zarchiver Pro app. You can also specify the extraction location to use.

2. File compression

Sometimes the file upload process has problems because too many files are uploaded at the same time. And sometimes, not all files can be uploaded like this. If this happens, usually the number of files is incomplete and eventually the file cannot be used.

To solve this problem, you can compress the files to be sent in one. This compression will also protect the files from virus attacks. You can choose various compressed file formats so that later it will be easier for the recipient of the file as well.

3. Providing the file password

It can be said that this is an interesting feature that belongs to Zarchiver Pro, which is to provide a password for compressed files. With this feature, you don’t have to worry about someone else opening the file without your permission.

Afterwards, the recipient of the file will need to enter the password you created first so that the zipped file can be opened. For the password type itself, you can only create a password in the form of a PIN or password, not a pattern, face engraving or fingerprint.

Download Zarchiver Pro APK

Zarchiver Pro Apk

As previously promised, on this occasion the APK version of Zarchiver Pro Mod will be distributed. If you download it from Google Play Store, it is the original version which is different from this version.

The original version of the Zarchiver feature is not as complete as this modified version. As for the modified version developed by third parties, you can download it via the link below.

Download the app easily and quickly without password HERE.

Name Zarchiver Pro APK
Size 5 MB
Version Last version
Feature Award
Price Free

Guy Install Zarchiver Pro APK

Since the Zarchiver app you downloaded was not from the Google Play Store, it is clear that the app cannot be installed directly. You need to install it manually with the following steps.

  • The first step, please open the app Definitions or Definitions which is in your HP.
  • After that, open the menu security and accessibility.
  • Then tap the switch to enable the option unknown source.
Then Tap Toggle To Enable Unknown Source Or Unknown Source Option.
  • if you have it, open it file manager and tap the folder download.
  • Well now install directly Zarchiver Pro following the system instructions.

how to compress

It can be said that the way to zip using the Zarchiver app is very easy. It’s even easier when compared to how to pack on a PC or laptop. Here’s how to zip with Zarchiver you can try.

  • First step, open the app zarchiver and immediately find the file you want to compress.
  • If you found it, long press on the file and various options will appear.
  • Please select an option Compress.
Select The Compress Option.
  • The next step, give the new file a name.
  • Continue specifying the file format, storage location and also password.
  • After the adjustment is complete, tap the button OK and the compression process will run again.

how to extract

To learn how to provide a password to a compressed file, you can use the method described earlier. However, to know how to extract the compressed file, please refer to and follow the steps below.

  • The first step, open the app zarchiver and immediately find the file you want to extract.
  • After that, long tap on the file and select the option Vision in various options that appear to view the contents of the file.
  • You can choose options test to check whether the file is an error or not.
You Can Select The Test Option To Check Whether The File Has An Error Or Not.
  • Well, to extract files in the same location, tap on the button Extract here and wait for the extraction process to complete.
Now, To Extract Files In The Same Location, Tap On The Extract Here Button
  • As for extracting elsewhere, choose the option To extractspecify a new save location and tap OK.

In fact, there are many extracting and compressing apps like Zarchiver. But according to people who have tried it, Zarchiver Pro APK is one of the best apps. Both in terms of appearance, size and of course the features it has.

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