Download YoWhatsApp Apk ( YoWa ) Latest Version 2022 Official

Download Yowhatsapp Apk ( Yowa ) Latest Version 2022 Official
Download Yowhatsapp Apk ( Yowa ) Latest Version 2022 Official

Download YoWhatsApp Latest Apk – Hello, there’s news for all of you, how are you, I hope you’re not confused anymore. Because currently YoWhatsapp has the latest update. This app is one of the most popular mod-type apps among citizens. With features that are no less cool than other WhatsApp mods. YoWhatsapp has been great in terms of personal features, particularly when it comes to the theme options, which are also nice.

In this age of advanced communication technology, the WhatsApp app is still number one in the chat communication genre. Especially in this country of Indonesia, almost everyone who has a cell phone and support for installing wa certainly uses wa for communication. Especially now that parents who are new to mobile can also use WhatsApp and no longer use SMS.

Review YoWhatsApp Apk

Download Yowhatsapp Apk ( Yowa ) Latest Version 2022 Official

yowhatsapp app is a modified app developed by Yousef. But after some things you don’t know why you stopped developing this app. Then came Fouad Mokdad which is the development of FMWhatsApp, this Fouad Mokdad wants to continue the development of this yowhatsapp and asks Yousef for permission to carry out the development of this YoWhatsApp apk.

Many people want to download this yowhatsapp app because this app is convenient to use. Although it is a mode app, it is guaranteed to be comfortable.

YoWhatsApp Apk Features

YoWhatsApp has more features than the usual wa. But for the main features, it’s the same as the normal wa, only there are some bonus features that you won’t find in the normal wa. Here are its features:

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1. Anti-prohibited

This feature is very significant in a mod app. For those who are afraid or hesitant to use WhatsApp mod for fear of getting banned from their account. So far you can rest assured that the yowhatsapp app is comfortable and has been anti-banned so your account doesn’t want to get banned.

2. Miscellaneous topics

If you use normal wa, the only themes that can be selected are black and gloss. But unlike this yowhatsapp, you can choose different themes provided in this app. The theme is free, you can choose the type of theme you want to use for your wa app.

3. Emoji variants

Make this emoji very diverse and cool. Also, the number is higher than the overall wa. With multiple and of course unique emoji variants, you can send chats with a more fun chat atmosphere. Use a variety of cool emojis from this app, make him fall in love with you muehehehe..

4. Application Blocking

You can also lock this yowa app without needing to install lockapp app. Very cool isn’t it. With this feature, you can lock your wa with a pattern or password lock. So the chat content contained in your wa becomes more comfortable and not just anyone can make the application. Because there is already a password or pattern check if you want to open the app.

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5. Special Personnel

This feature is what many people are looking for, the personal features here are some that are added to the personal features found in the common wa. Kind of:

  • hide status again by recording/typing,
  • the message cannot be shared with another context
  • own profile is not visible in notes, watch people’s status,
  • can see deleted messages for everyone
  • hide blue tick
  • control who can call your yowa number
  • Personal chat and team chat moved with a different menu
  • watch messages sent by certain team contacts just by clicking on the contact name
  • and many others

8. Dual Applications

So, if your mobile has a feature to install multiple apps, it is very normal to use this Yowa app double. It means you install this apk with 2 apk and 2 different accounts at the same time.

9. No root

In fact, this may not be a feature, but more of an advantage. Likewise with the anti-ban above. But since we don’t want this review to be too long, we just included it in the resources.

10. More features

In fact, there are many other features of this app that we cannot fully explain. To see more details, please download and use it directly so that you can experience the features of this yowhatsapp feature.

Unduh YoWhatsApp Apk

Make sure your internet speed is working fine so that the download process runs quickly and the apk can finish downloading without having to wait too long.

Method Install YoWhatsApp Apk

If you downloaded via the download link or button above. Until the next step is installation. For those of you who don’t know how to install it, see the steps below.

  • First make sure the APK has been downloaded
  • Then just install the APK
  • Later there will be an application warning that the source is not known
  • When you have it, open the Settings menu
  • Find and open the Privacy Protection menu
  • In the personal protection menu, open the Special Permissions option
  • Then you select and open Install Unknown Apk
  • activate the option
  • Just reinstall the APK
  • Wait for the process to complete
  • enjoy the app

It is actually the same as enabling or allowing apk installation from unknown sources in your phone’s settings menu. But it is different for each mobile when opening the settings menu. If you want to find out more easily, just install the apk, it will usually be shown to allow unknown apk.

the final word

Keep watching us so you don’t miss the latest and most popular data. Because we want to keep updating every day. Thanks

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