Download WebComics MOD APK 2.1.60 (Premium Unlocked) for Android, New 2022

Download Webcomics Mod Apk 2.1.60 (Premium Unlocked) For Android, New 2022

WebComics MOD APK is the biggest manga reading app for Android phones with millions of manga updated daily. Reading comics on mobile devices will be more interesting and engaging than ever.

WebComics: Read comics in the most stylish way

The biggest mobile comics platform

It’s not fair to start talking about WebComics with clichés. Basically, WebComics is just like any other comic book reader app you will use. But going to the built-in features, it really is a respectable app and very much “understands user psychology”.

Well, before I continue, to save your time, I need to say that Webcomics only supports four main languages: English, Indo, Thai and Chinese. Sounds a little disappointing, but if any of you are used to reading English comics, this is a really nice tool to keep on your phone. I heard the app is trying to update more languages. It is not always possible to experience 100% of the content when reading in another language, is it?

Why did I choose WebComics to read manga on mobile? Okay, now let’s discuss in detail each of the main features of this manga reading app!

Rich manga store with millions of series, always updating the fastest

The word “enjoy” can only be used to refer to comic book sources on WebComics. The library is available (and updated daily) with over 1000 manga authors worldwide. So you can understand how big the comic store is, even millions of manga for the above number of authors.

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WebComics’ filtering and suggestion features are powerful

You can usually read an annual survey list like this and choose to see the mang everyone should know so you can discuss it with friends over afternoon tea.

Each voting list always corresponds to the formula: Top of the year, Manga Title, # of the manga genre, brief summary of the content.

Top comics/manga of 2020:

  • [Sweet Escape] #Romance
  • [Dunia yang Dikuasai Kucing] #Fantasy
  • [Dia Penjaga] #girls love
  • [Equipoise] #boys love
  • [Penghancur Zombie] #Thriller: A wave of zombies has suddenly hit the campus. Human nature, life, the future, everything is falling apart.
  • [Pengawal Pribadi Sekolah Kecantikan] #Action
  • [Prinsip Surga] #Fantasy

Once you’re officially logged into the WebComics community, you’ll receive daily notifications of the day’s new titles/chapters. Accompanied by reading recommendations, sounds like the above and comment notifications about the series you are following…

All of them will help you to follow the situation and learn a lot of interesting information, not just about your favorite manga.

Read comics in HD quality and save battery

WebComics is integrated with modern technology that streamlines and enhances images. Every page that comes your way has been tweaked for the sharpest, most detailed HD images possible, providing an experience that is nothing more than holding a comic in your hand and flipping through each page.

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This technology also helps to download comics very quickly, with almost no latency, unless there are network connection issues when used in online mode. If it’s offline, no problem, no need to wait.

WebComics is also a comic reading app to save battery and bandwidth. Read stories on your phone all day and the battery is still more than enough for your work tasks. Imagine that you leave the manga tab there, when you have free time, turn it on and continue reading, without draining a lot of battery. How comfortable!

Read manga in offline mode

WebComics also supports good features, especially for those who travel a lot. Intermittent 3G, internet not available on trains and buses. So when you need to read comics on the go, you can bookmark your favorite manga in “Read Offline” mode. The app automatically remembers them and downloads them in optimized image-to-read mode, so you can continue reading the entire series without having to use the Internet.

When the network returns, the app will automatically update the sequence of this series.

Through WebComics, you can meet and interact with friends

There are things that only people with similar interests can understand. Through WebComics’ vast user community, you can interact, chat, and share experiences with people who share a common interest in reading manga. It’s a really cool and compact way to find the best match series you’ve never heard of.

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At WebComics, you can even leave your own comments at the top of each manga, which can be a quick guide for future readers, as well as a way to express your feelings about the work you’ve just read.

MOD APK version of WebComics


Premium unlocked

Download WebComics MOD APK for Android

With this set of 5 unique features, in my opinion, there’s no reason why comic book addicts like us can’t download and use this app right now. In addition, this app has many other features to support you in the process of reading comics. Download WebComics via the link below.

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