Download Tokyo Ghoul Rebirth Mod Apk (Damage) Free Terbaru 2020

Download Tokyo Ghoul Rebirth Mod Apk (Damage) Free Terbaru 2020

Download Tokyo Ghoul Rebirth Mod Apk (Damage) Free for Android Terbaru – For manga and anime fans, Tokyo Ghoul is one of the most popular anime and manga in the world.

Aside from the captivating storyline, all the characters in the Tokyo Ghoul anime are highly appreciated by their fans out there.

Of the many people who are interested in this popular anime and manga. Production company Bandai Namco created and released a mobile game of this anime as a unique RPG genre game and it is named as Tokyo Ghoul: Rebirth.

With this game, you will have the opportunity to meet many of your favorite characters and enjoy the beautiful fighting skills of each of them.

In addition, this game received a lot of positive feedback from players, appreciating the excellent image quality and beautiful graphics.

So instead of getting curious, take a look at the comments we’ve summarized below. Look this!!!

What is Tokyo Ghoul Rebirth Mod Apk?

Tokyo Ghoul Rebirth Mod Apk
Download Tokyo Ghoul Rebirth Mod Apk (Damage) Free Terbaru 2020 Tokyo Ghoul Rebirth Mod Apk

Tokyo Ghoul Rebirth Mod Apk is a RPG genre game with a turn-based gameplay style, this game was released on Android platform and developed by Bandai Namco.

Original anime and manga story

As it is based on the famous original Tokyo Ghoul story, Tokyo Ghoul: Rebirth takes players into a fierce battle between two different races, Ghoul and Human.

The battle between Ghouls and Humans became more intense when the CCG (special army of humans) developed many powerful weapons to destroy the Ghouls.

On the other hand, mysterious powers of Ghouls also began to emerge and participate in this war of survival.


Tokyo Ghoul Rebirth Gameplay
Download Tokyo Ghoul Rebirth Mod Apk (Damage) Free Terbaru 2020 Gameplay Tokyo Ghoul Rebirth

With content revolving around the battle between Ghouls and Humans, players are tasked with building their team of warriors to participate in this mighty battle.

From team building and team fights, this game will take players into the turn-based system genre.

In each battle, the team formation you can use will have a maximum of six members with two different battle positions (Front and Back).

To be able to create a great squad team, you need to constantly collect and improve each of your characters.

In addition to the basic characters provided, you will also have to complete many special requirements to be able to summon and use new characters.

In addition, each character will be built with a unique skill system and different battle skills for you to explore.

The turn-based system group and combat will require you to understand each character’s strengths and capabilities. From there, you can build and use many smart strategies to win.

Multiple game modes

Compared to games in the same genre, Tokyo Ghoul: Rebirth is currently receiving more positive reviews because it has many interesting game modes.

In addition to fighting according to the storyline system, the producers also prepared many fierce battle missions (Raid, Territory) for everyone to enjoy.

In particular, each game mode will offer more challenges and difficulties of its own. Various game modes will allow players to freely create and build various strategies.

From the characters you’ve collected, you can continue to improve and create many different squads to use in each of the game modes.

With each game mode, you can easily test your battle squad and conquer these unique challenges at your own pace.

Fitur Tokyo Ghoul Rebirth Mod Apk

  • Attack Multiplier
  • Defense Multiplier
  • unlimited skills
  • NO ADS

Download Tokyo Ghoul Rebirth Mod Apk

Application Name Tokyo Ghoul: Rebirth Mod Apk
Developer Bandai Namco
Version 2.2.7
File size 43 MB
Categories Games, Action, RPG
Mandatory system Android 4.1 and above

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Common questions

Is this Tokyo Ghoul Rebirth Mod Apk game safe to play?

Yes, this game is protected from virus or other issues, you can play this game comfortably and safely.

Does playing Tokyo Ghoul Rebirth Mod game require root permission?

No, this game does not require root permission to play it.

Can I play this Tokyo Ghoul game on a Windows PC platform?

For now, Samurai Siege game is not yet available on Windows devices. However, you can play this game using an Android emulator.

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