Download the latest OGWhatsApp Pro Apk (Anti-Ban) mod

Download The Latest Ogwhatsapp Pro Apk (Anti-Ban) Mod

OGWhatsApp Pro Apk is a modified version of WhatsApp that offers an interesting and unique service to its users. The services provided are quite diverse, from simple visualization services, free and clean messages and very reliable applications, of course.

Developers also make additional features of official WhatsApp available so that the user experience is more pronounced and different. Added features include security, privacy and many other additional features.

OGWhatsApp Pro app review

Before downloading the app, you must first know the app well. OGWhatsApp pro apk download provides users with various features such as deciding who can watch user’s profile picture, status for who can chat with user.

All these additional features make this messaging app popular and widely used by users. Developers add advanced options in the app so that they can update all the features in it.

Examples of additional features such as being able to delete messages that have been sent to hide the user’s online status. This free messaging app also supports two WhatsApp numbers at the same time to benefit users.

OGWhatsApp referred to as one of the safest and most trusted versions of WhatsApp Mod. Compared with the official version, it is clear that this app offers additional features that cannot be enjoyed in the original or official version. On the other hand, developers put interesting features on the ground.

By using this app, users are not bothered in terms of their own security and privacy. OGWhatsApp pro adds many security and privacy features to the app. The main features obtainable include DND mode, hiding online status, auto reply feature.

All these features are able to run smoothly for the benefit of their users. Developers always give their best to the users of this WhatsApp Mod app. So download if profitable and as needed.

Excellent Features of OGWhatsApp Pro Apk Latest Update

As one of the best WhatsApp Mod apps, it is clear that this app has many great features for the users. Even some of the features of this app cannot be found in other apps. Here are some of its top features.

1. Anti-banned


The first mod feature users can enjoy from the app is anti-ban. Perhaps for users who have used the WhatsApp mod, they know how painful it is to be blocked. Official WhatsApp provider ban WhatsApp Mod users and block third party apps.

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By using the latest version of OGWhatApp, users don’t have to worry because the developer has improved the service on it. So users won’t feel the pain of being blocked by official WhatsApp developer.

2. Scheduled messages

Scheduled Message

This feature may still be new, but it has been proven to be used by users. Not a few users are happy and helped by this additional feature. sometimes there are users who want to send a message but sometimes they forget to send the message.

To avoid this problem, the developer has provided a complete addition in the form of a pre-built mesaage programmer. This feature allows users to send automated messages at pre-scheduled and pre-scheduled times.

Users just define the text, the message and also the contact who wants to send the message. OGWhatsApp will automatically send the automatically scheduled message. Make sure the connection is also active so that the message can be sent correctly.

Making calls to unsaved numbers

In the official WhatsApp app, users who want to make calls to numbers must first save the number. However, for users using OGWhatsApp, there is no need to do this.

Because the contact you want to call can be called directly without having to save it first. This feature is very useful for users who need a certain number but don’t want to save the number.

3. Feature to download status (built-in)

Downloadable Resources Integrated With Status

WhatsApp is an all-in-one application. In addition to being used for chat, this app can also be used to upload user status. This feature brings users closer to each other’s family and friends.

Unfortunately, in the official app, users cannot save the status of contacts. On the other hand, for those who use OGWhatsApp You will benefit from being able to download the status easily without using the help of a third party application.

4. Improved status character

Improved Character Status

In the official version of WhatsApp, users can only write 130 characters in the status. However, users using this app may write a status of 250 characters due to the increase of characters in their status.

With this increase in characters, users benefit from being able to provide longer quotes. Features like this can be found in the latest OGWhatsApp pro 8.25. Download the app and enjoy these convenience features.

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5. Set the group name to 35 characters


WhatsApp is an application that allows users to create groups. With the help of groups, chat becomes more accessible and is certainly not complicated especially for users who want to chat with friends in large numbers like gossip.

Unfortunately, to determine the grub name, WhatsApp officially limits it to just 25 characters. However, relying on the latest version of OGWhatsApp, users can create grub with character names up to 35 characters long.

6. Copy status easily


Users using this app can try out the resource mod by copying unlimited statuses. This feature allows users to easily copy contact statuses to the user’s clipboard without the help of a third party application.

As we all know, when using official apps, users cannot copy someone’s status directly by pasting it somewhere else. But using this WhatsApp mod app, users can copy status without the slightest difficulty.

7. Block certain calls

Block Certain Calls

If there are annoying calls because of continuous calls then this feature can be tried because it is very useful. This free feature allows users to block certain calls indefinitely. Users just disable call acceptance option only in contact settings.

OGWhatsApp brings amazing features to its users. Including this popular resource. Interestingly, users do not need to register for a premium service as this service can be enjoyed for free without limits.

8. Upload 90 photos at once

Send-90-Images-At Once

You could say this is another great feature of this popular app. Where users can upload unlimited images. When using official WhatsApp features, users can only upload 10 images.

Of course this is a very boring experience because it takes a lot of time. But not for those who use OGWhatsApp because it can send 90 images at the same time. Of course this improves the user experience.

9. I built WhatsApp Locker


As we know, official WhatsApp does not have a built-in lock for its app. Unfortunately, there is also no third party app to block this app. This means that the user’s personal privacy is threatened.

But users using OGWhatsApp need not be afraid or worried as they can use this app. So there is an auto-blocking feature in a trusted app. Users don’t need to feel ads or annoying things when using this app.

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Download and Install OGWhatsapp Pro Apk Mod

Download And Install-Ogwhatsapp-Pro-Apk-Mod

Now users are well aware of this popular app. So please download ogwhatsapp pro right now so you can enjoy unlimited apps. For those who don’t know how, just take a look at the comments below for more details;

  1. First, make sure download apps from trusted sources on the internet so that the security of the device can be guaranteed. Usually, if you don’t download from trusted sources, users will find ads on their devices. Of course this is very disturbing. Not to mention if there is a virus that can steal user data.
  2. For those who don’t know the download link, here it is also included Download OGWhatsApp
  3. After downloading the latest OGWhatApp app, users can open file manager on their respective phones. Search apps by name apk file downloaded and tap to open the app.
  4. By tapping on the app, the app installation process has already started. This process usually takes a few minutes, depending on your internet speed.
  5. After the installation process is complete, users can use this additional mod app to their heart’s content. For those still failing the installation process, you can enable the feature unknown source in the application. After that, users can use the app without limits.
Version V8.30
app size 48.5 MB
Developer GBMod
updated date april 2020
Available in Google Play or another source

Overall, using OGWhatsApp Pro Apk app is really fun because there are additional features in the app. Thus, the experience when chatting or using WhatsApp is more fun and different than before.

However, users using these apps should be alert and careful. This app is an illegal app therefore it can be banned at any time. This type of application is also prone to getting important data from its users. So stay tuned and know the risks when using it.

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