Download Stumble Guys 0.30, here is the link to the old version!

Download Stumble Guys 0.30, Here Is The Link To The Old Version!

Not long ago, many people were talking about Download Stumble Guys 0.30. Are you also looking for this? If so, see the explanation I will give here.

For those who don’t know, Stumble Guys was released in 2020 and has received 20 updates so far. From version 0.6 to version 0.37. This update is made because of the many bugs and errors that occur frequently.

Every player is advised to always update to the latest version so that later there are no bugs or errors during the game. However, nowadays many people are looking for Stumble Guys 0.30. If interested, see the explanation here.

A summary of Stumble Guys version 0.30

Download Tripping Guys 0.30
Download Stumble Guys 0.30, here is the link to the old version! Stumble Guys Versi 0

Stumble Guys is a multiplayer knockout game produced by Kitkat. The developer himself always pays close attention to his games, as evidenced by the frequent updates that take place here to avoid errors.

Each new Stumble Guys update always brings a lot of features. There are many features that players can take advantage of to get a more interesting game.

Even though Kitka as a developer frequently makes updates, it turns out that there are still many people who are more interested in using Stumble Guys Version 0.30. Not only that, many players are also looking for the MOD version.

Stumble Guys Version 0.30 Mod Apk Features

Unlike the original version, Stumble Guys Version 0.30 Mod Apk has many cool features. no wonder this application, the result of third party modifications that feature many cheat features.

Everyone who downloaded the Mod version can immediately use the feature for free. So what are the features here? Following is an explanation of Stumble Guys Version 0.30 Mod Apk features:

1. Unlimited Money

The first feature is Unlimited Money. This feature is sought after by everyone because here you will not run out of diamonds or money to buy the things you want. Also, here the money you get is unlimited or it won’t run out.

2. Unlock all skins

And what is even more interesting is Unlock All Skins or all skins are unlocked. With this, you can try all skins without having to compete with skin spin. Everyone who uses this version is always impressed by this feature.

Download Link Stumble Guys Version 0.30

You can download Stumble Guys version 0.37 or later from services like App Store and Play Store for free. So how do you download the Stumble Guys Version 0.30 app that many people are looking for?

You can download the old version of Stumble Guys from the link I have provided below. I will also give the original 0.30 version and 0.30 Mod Apk version. Please use it at your own discretion.

Stumble Guys Versi 0.30 Original:

Stumble Guys version 0.30 Mod Apk:

How to install Stumble Guys version 0.30

Download the desired version with the link I provided above. And to know how to install it, follow the steps I have given below:

  • First, download the Stumble Guys version you want with the link I gave above
  • While waiting for the download to finish, go to your phone’s settings
  • Please go to security and enable Install from unknown sources
  • If so, go to the earlier download file
  • Multiply the installation and wait until the app installs perfectly
  • Done

Very easy isn’t it? Although it seems very easy, of course there are still a lot of people out there who don’t understand this kind of thing. So, to help each other, it would be nice if you share this article so we can help each other.


This is the kind of information that only Candidates can give about Download Stumble Guys 0.30. I hope that this article that I publish, can help you to know the things that are being questioned.

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