Download Latest Free Mod Badoo Apk Premium 2022

Download Latest Free Mod Badoo Apk Premium 2022

Badoo Apk Mod Adolescence is a period when you first know what love is and like the opposite sex. Or school friends or acquaintances even someone you don’t know. Nobody predicts love.

Expressing feelings is certainly not as easy as turning the palm of your hand, where you need a strong mindset between being accepted or rejected.

Especially for those who are embarrassed to meet face to face or even talk directly. This will make him not know your feelings for him.

Badoo Apk Mod
Download Latest Free Mod Badoo Apk Premium 2022 Badoo Apk Mod

If you continue, of course, it will be difficult to find a partner and you will not be able to know what their nature is like.

Even if you are looking for a partner through social media, it does not necessarily mean that the person is single (single). this will be a less efficient way, although you can try starting a message conversation.

In recent years, apps have emerged that can answer singles’ problems that will help find a partner and even take it to a more serious level.

Previously, we shared dating apps like Tinder Gold. This app is included in the popular partner search app.

But who knew that there are applications that have functions that are not inferior to these applications. Introducing Badoo Apk Mod app which will answer all your love problems.

This application is a trend for young people to adults who haven’t found true love. You don’t have to worry about the users of this app. With downloads reaching 100 million users, you might be able to find your match.

Maybe you are curious about the interface and features found in the Badoo Apk Mod app. For more details, you can see the matchmaking app review below.

What is Badoo Apk Mod?

Badoo Apk Mod is a dating app that has an online dating service that brings together users based on their popularity.

After using Badoo Apk Mod app, users can see other users in the same area, chat with them or also follow and add to favorites on their profile.

You can also use Badoo to plan dates/meetings, both private and public. For now, the Badoo app is available in over 180 countries in 40 languages.

Badoo Apk Mod
Download Latest Free Mod Badoo Apk Premium 2022 Badoo Apk Mod 1

Furthermore, the network of these apps has expanded and gives users the opportunity to meet people from outside the world.

The Badoo app allows its users to log in using a Facebook account and also post photos that were previously posted on Facebook.

Users can also choose a language option that you understand based on the choices they made when filling out their profile. After completing your profile, Badoo Apk will automatically recommend your closest friends.

For example, users who are in a city. You will be able to send and receive messages from users who want to meet you.

Male and female users can ‘Add Friend’ just like Facebook or just message each other through the messaging and chat features.

So you can keep meeting in the real world. You can see the friends list on the right of the profile and specify a meeting.

Download Latest Free Mod Badoo Apk Mod Premium

This cool and useful app will make you happy to try it, an app that makes your experience different compared to other apps. Also, this app can be used on Android devices for you to download.

This app will be very suitable for you to play games, which is one of the popular apps and is played by many people. Find fun with this very useful app.

Maximize the Mod Premium features in the latest Mod Badoo Apk app which you can download from the link we have provided below. Also, there is a way to install it.

Apk name : Badoo Apk Mod
Current version : v5.191.0
Apk Size : 40 MB apk
Categories : Dating apps, social media
Editor : badoo
Update : Last version
Source : No
android : Android 5.0 or higher

Guy Install Apk

You will easily play this Badoo Apk Mod app smoothly because Apk file size is quite friendly for all mobile phones.

For those who are confused about how to install this apk file, you can see in the following review.

  • To install this apk file, first download the Badoo Apk Mod file that we have provided in the above download link.
  • After downloading the application file, you extract it first (if it is a rar or zip file). If so, don’t install it right away.
  • Open phone privacy settings, enable “unknown source” feature.
  • If these steps have been performed, you can select and install the Badoo Apk Mod application file.
  • Wait until the installation process is complete.
  • Then you can open the icon of the Badoo Apk Mod app that you have installed.
  • Now, you can use the app and search for your acquaintances or partners.
  • Done.

Latest Features of Badoo Apk Mod

Who knew that this app has become a very popular app and has become a widely used necessity by Android users. Also, there are great features that you can get from using it.

The features of this app include general features found in the play store. But that’s not all because Badoo Apk Mod app has additional features that you won’t get for free on play store.

If you want to know about the features of Badoo Apk Mod app, then immediately refer to the full explanation that we have given below.

find the ideal couple

Now you don’t have to worry about getting your dream partner where you can search for him according to your criteria. So you can decide for yourself and filter the people you want to partner with.

Badoo Apk Mod
Download Latest Free Mod Badoo Apk Premium 2022 Badoo Apk Mod 2

The first feature is that you can set the gender you want to meet, if it’s a boy, you can choose a female target. Don’t forget the age you want to find and the distance from your home. It could be that the person you are looking for is someone not far from your home.

So, you can also look for a partner who has the same interests. Of course, this will make your conversation more fluid. There are categories like comedy, football, music and so on.

If you scroll down, you’ll likely look for physical criteria like body type and height. In addition, there is also your status position whether you have children or not and also your favorite drinks and habits such as smoking or not.

Some of what we present may be limited, you can look for other resources further to determine the criteria for your partner.

describe yourself

This, of course, you need to do to get your potential partner interested in a description of you.

You can write your short description why you use this app, it will explain what we like.

In general, what they are looking for will appear immediately on your homepage. If our profile appears on their homepage, maybe you’re the person he’s been looking for all along.

Badoo Apk Mod
Download Latest Free Mod Badoo Apk Premium 2022 Badoo Apk Mod 3

Likewise, when you’re looking for someone who fits your criteria, the description alone can be a little convincing. Upload and use your photos to attract your potential partner.

Honestly, this app is so complete with your profile description feature that will determine your interest.

start chat

Once you find the criteria you want, you can start an intense conversation and make sure your chat goes smoothly.

Besides being a matchmaking app, you can also chat like popular chat apps like video calling feature to meet virtually.

Badoo Apk Mod
Download Latest Free Mod Badoo Apk Premium 2022 Badoo Apk Mod 4

This can also convince you to find a match that matches the photos they upload so you don’t get scammed.

easy interface

The maximum usage of the application is determined by several aspects, one of which is an easy to understand interface.

Of course, by using this app, you will not have any difficulty in operating as the interface is quite attractive and addictive.

Also, this simple screen can be used even if you are using this app for the first time.

With a fairly simple screen, this will make you use it smoothly and without any complaints like heavy usage.

Fitur Mod

You can download this Badoo Apk Mod app for free from Google Play Store. However, there is one thing that limits you to using it.

If other people like your criteria, of course you won’t know because this feature is only available in the premium version and you have to pay for it.

Badoo Apk Mod
Download Latest Free Mod Badoo Apk Premium 2022 Badoo Apk Mod 5

Even so, you can still enjoy these features by downloading the premium mod that we share in this article and chat with people who like you.

phone specs

What the user does before installing the application is to know the specifications of the cell phone necessary to be able to run, there is lag or malfunction. The required phone specifications are as follows.

This app requires a minimum of 1GB RAM to ensure you open this app smoothly. Make sure your RAM is enough to be able to run this relatively light application.

In terms of storage, this mod version of the app requires a lot of storage. The file size of this Badoo Apk Mod is 40 MB. Of course, with such a small file size, your internal memory won’t get crowded.

Also, the required operating system is at least Android 5.0 or higher. These specs are certainly owned by many cell phones today.


With the full features that you can get for free, of course, you will be excited to play it.

This is the explanation of the article about Badoo Apk Mod, an application that makes you addicted to using it always. I hope it can be useful for all of you.

Visit other articles at for helpful apps, games, and tutorials. Don’t forget to share this article. That’s all from us and thank you.

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