Download Kinemaster Pro Mod Apk Diamond without watermark

Download Kinemaster Pro Mod Apk Diamond Without Watermark

Only have Android capital, want to edit cool videos? No need to worry, there are now many mobile editing apps available that can help you. one of which is Kinemaster Pro which has a plethora of awesome features.

Unfortunately, to get the pro version, users have to make an in-app purchase. This is really costly for some users. Don’t worry, you can get this premium app by downloading the modded version, you know.

Review Kinemaster Pro Mod APK


This app has fixed the word “pro” in its name. So it is certain that the features in it are so impressive to make video editing interesting. This software is already quite popular for both beginners and professionals.

It has even been widely used by Youtubers who want to upload content on social media. So there’s no need to worry about editing content on your computer/laptop. Especially if the edit is done only lightly. However, the results are still surprising.

This app allows you to edit images, crop photos and videos as needed. Not only that, there are also cool features to improve video quality. So, you don’t have to worry that the video will be blurry.

You can also maximize editing results by adjusting the contrast, saturation and brightness level. Don’t forget to also give filter effects to make the video more impressive.

Kinemaster Pro can be the right choice to add to your video editing experience. For those who already know this app, you must have already tried the free version of this app on Playstore.

Unfortunately, Kine’s free master app has many feature limitations. Also, users will find a watermark on the final result of video editing. If you don’t want a watermark, you can use the pro mod version which is being discussed here.

Features Kinemaster Pro Mod Apk

As a video editing app, Kinemaster Pro it is highly recommended. This cannot be separated from the various features provided are quite satisfying. Therefore, the video editing results look impressive, so not a few trust it.

So what are the cool features of this app?

1. Project Assistant

Project Assistant

For beginners who want to try out this application, there are two types of projects that can be created, namely Empty Project and Project Wizard. Basically, both serve as a prefix when a user wants to edit a new video.

However, there are fundamental differences to note. Project Assistant allows you to create videos with the help provided. So this feature will be very useful for those who are just trying Kinemaster Pro.

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This app will guide you to select the video you want to edit, insert a video, choose a theme, add text, apply filters and much more.

2. Color adjustment

Color Adjustment

Setting the right color is one of the keys to good video results. So choose a color filter that matches the mood of the video. You can adjust it through the color adjustment feature.

This feature makes it easy to adjust contrast, saturation, and exposure. So the video editing results will be clearer and the colors will match.

3. Multi-track audio

Multi-Track Audio

As the name implies, this feature allows you to add audio files to videos. So the video results will be more interesting and livelier. Also, this feature provides four additional audio options to make the video more beautiful.

4. Precision Editing

Precision Editing

Want to set the right frame for a video? No need to worry, you can easily manage it using precision editing feature. In addition, users can also easily adjust the duration of the video. After that, turn it into an interesting video to upload to your favorite social media.

5. Multiple Layers

Multi Layer

Do you like to edit videos with multiple layers at once? The layer feature is often found in photo and video editing apps. Inside Kinemaster appyou can use this feature to add images, handwriting, text and stickers.

6. Voice recording

Voice Recording

Want to record your own voice during the video editing process? This feature is quite rare to find in other apps, you know. Therefore, you can trust this Software to do this. This feature is very useful, especially for those who want to sing selfies by recording voice in real time.

Voice recording can also be a solution for anyone who wants to make videos more presentable as desired.

7. Professional audio features

Professional Audio Resources

Want to load multiple audio formats at once in a video? Not a few have their favorite audio files in various formats. Unfortunately, not all video editing apps support multiple audio formats at the same time.

This One App allows you to add multiple audio formats at once. Also, the audio can be heard better because the volume can be adjusted by yourself.

8. Instant Preview

Instant View

This feature makes it easy to see the editing process without having to save it first. The existence of this preview menu is really necessary for effective editing.

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9. Chromatic key


Hearing the word green screen, you might think that this feature can only be done in heavy editing apps. No need to worry, even the mobile editing app can do that. One of them is with the Chroma Key feature in Kinemaster Pro this.

This feature allows users to combine videos and images using green screen.

10. Speed ​​Control

Speed ​​Control

Want to make slow motion videos? Well you can use this feature in this app. This feature allows users to change the speed and slowness of the video as per their needs.

You can adjust the video speed from 0.5x to 1.5x like a slow motion video. It is no wonder that this feature further enriches the advantages of the Pro version of Kine master.

11. No watermark

No Watermark

Have you ever felt uncomfortable with a watermark after editing a video? Don’t worry, you won’t find it in the premium version. As is known, users of the original version of this app will find a watermark with the Kinemaster logo.

Unfortunately, users have to pay if they want to get rid of them. This is what is quite burdensome for fans of this Apk. So, you can take advantage of the pro version of this mod apk as a solution. This is because the final video does not contain watermarks.

Download Kinemaster Pro Mod Apk Full


For those who want to download this app, there are two ways that can be done. First, you can download it from the Playstore app. As mentioned above, you will be charged for premium features.

1. Kinemaster Pro Mod Apk

The trademark of this Apk software is not much difference from the original version. However, it is clear that there are advantages that make it different, namely no watermark in the video editing results.

Name Kinemaster Pro Mod Apk
Version v4.16.5
ONLY Android 4.1 updated
Size 83.5 MB

Download (83.5 MB)

2. Kinemaster Indonesia Apk

As the name suggests, this app already speaks Indonesian, so it’s easier for users. Especially for beginners who don’t understand video editing terms well. The latest version from Indonesia is version 8, which is still in beta.

However, not all phones support this version. So you can try the previous version.

Name Kinemaster Indonesia Apk
Version V8
ONLY Android 4.2 up
Size 77.2 MB

Download (77.2 MB)

3. Cyber ​​Kinemaster Apk

Kinemaster this one has a slightly different look than the original version. One of them is in the logo and buttons modified in such a way. No need to worry, it really makes it easier for users to edit videos.

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Name Cyber ​​Kine Master apk
Version V4.10.17
ONLY Android 4.2 up
Size 72 MB


4. Kinemaster Premiere Pro Apk

Compared to the original version, Kine master Premiere Pro’s interface is known to have its own characteristics. At first glance, this app will remind you of Adobe Premiere software on desktop.

Therefore, the application allows you to feel like editing on a laptop/PC.

Name Kinemaster Premiere Pro Apk
Version V4.12.1
ONLY Android 4.2 up
Size 40 MB


5. Kinemaster Diamond Apk

You could say that this version of Kinemaster is the most perfect compared to others. This is because the developer of this app has modified all the premium versions in it. So it is certain that the end result is not watermark and other cool features.

Name Kinemaster Diamond Apk
Version V4.12
ONLY Android 4.2 up
Size 48.97 MB

Download (48.97 MB)

6. Kinemaster Mod Gold Apk

This app has an attractive gold-themed home screen. Not just a matter of appearance, the various menus also allow you to edit beautiful videos.

Name Kinemaster Mod Gold Apk
Version V4.12.1
ONLY Android 4.2 up
Size 25.89 MB

download (25.89MB)

7. Kinemaster Premiere Pro RUSH

This kind of Kinemaster was developed and modified by the Youtube channel, Sak Onone. Latest version of this app has been released and it offers many cool features.

Name Kinemaster Premiere Pro RUSH
Version V4.14.2
ONLY Android 4.1 updated
Size 87.9 MB

Download (87.9 MB)

Easy steps to install Kinemaster Pro

Considering that this app is not from Google Playstore, special steps are required to install it, which are as follows.

  • Download the Kinemaster Pro mod apk app via the above download link.
  • After successful download, open the menu Definitions on mobile.
  • open the menu Safety, then scroll and activate the option unknown sources.
  • Search and find the file that was previously downloaded.
  • Install and wait for it to finish.
  • Congratulations, you can start editing cool videos on your Android phone.

Kinemaster Pro mod apk can indeed be the right solution to produce interesting videos. Don’t forget to disable the Unknown Source option after the installation process.

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