Download Game Basara PPSSPP ISO Small Size 2022

Download Game Basara Ppsspp Iso Small Size 2022

Currently, playing PPSSPP Basara game is much more fun when compared to playing it directly on PS. Of course this is very reasonable considering that PPSSPP games can be played anywhere without the need to rent a PS, even the quality is almost equal.

PPSSPP itself is an Android emulator that will later be used to play Basara game. The gameplay itself is almost the same as on the PS 2, only there are slight differences, mainly in terms of the game controls you’ll use later.

For the Basara game itself, there are 2 versions, the first is Sengoku Basara Battle Heroes PPSSPP and the second is Sengoku Basara Chronicle Heroes PPSSPP. So if you find another version of this game then it is certain that it is Basara game mod apk type.

If in the past you wanted to play Basara game, you had to use a PS2, now all this no longer needs to be done because you just need to use an emulator called PPSSPP that supports ISO with a small size of less than 19 MB and you can download it for free.

Everyone needs to know, this PPSSPP Basara only supports Android devices. So if you are an iOS user this cannot be done. Now for those who want to know the download link for the small game PPSSPP Basara, see the review below.

Some features of PPSSPP Basara

Basara Game Ppsspp

Just like other PPSSPP game series, in this Basara game there are several features that will surely increase your feeling when playing. There are actually a lot of features of this game, but in this review there are only three main features that I think are the coolest ones, which are as follows.

Lots of character options

After you have successfully downloaded the small size PPSSPP iSO Basara game which I will share in the link below, there are about 30 characters in the Basara game, either the first version i.e. Sengoku Basara Battle Heroes or even the second version of Sengoku Basara Chronicle Heroes.

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With the large number of hero characters you can choose from, it’s clear that your game won’t be boring. Also, some of the characters in the Basara game have their own abilities that you can later use in battle.

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Various weapon options

In addition to the large number of hero characters, this PPSSPP Basara game also offers a wide selection of weapons that you can use. These weapons range from swords, samurai, sticks, axes, tridents, arrows and so on. Each weapon has its own strength.

Each weapon you can later upgrade to a higher level. But before upgrading, make sure you complete each mission correctly so that some items are used for weapon upgrades. Moreover, in this game there is also a save data feature so you don’t have to worry anymore.

Interesting game groove

In PPSSPP Basara game, there are 5 games or game modes that you can play. Each game mode certainly has its own storyline and difficulty level. Now, for those who are curious, check out the game modes in the following Basara game.

  1. Challenge: In this mode, you can play to complete a series of missions that will be rewarded in the form of gold.
  2. Story: In this mode, you must complete the game using one of the characters and follow all the stories to the end to complete this mode.
  3. Conquest: This mode is a Random Battle against enemies. When you win the game, you will get a much higher level.
  4. Free Battle: This mode allows the player to play with various characters and arenas/stages that are already unlocked.
  5. Multiplayer: This mode is a mode where you can play Basara game for two people.

Advantages of PPSSPP ISO Basara game

Download Basara Ppsspp Game

Much clearer graphics

With a game size of less than 19MB, which is about 1GB less, this Basara PPSSPP game has very good and crisp graphics. Not to be outdone by the PS 2 version, the graphics of this Basara game are very suitable to be played on all Android devices.

In addition to the good graphics of the game, the various effects and visualizations of this game are very real. That’s why download Basara PPSSPP ISO small size game is searched by many users through google search engine, and one of them is through this webpage.

Much easier game control

Although played through an emulator, this Basara game has good enough game controls. So even for beginners, playing the Basara game is not difficult. Various taps and buttons have been arranged in such a way that it is easy for users to play this game.

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Furthermore, the game controls used in Basara game also do not interfere with the gameplay of the game. So that all of you who play Basara game can comfortably play this game without worrying about obstacles like game controls that cover the screen.

Multiple game modes

In this game there are also several game modes that you can choose from. Each mode has different features. For a more satisfying gaming feeling, you can try out various game modes one by one. The game modes are as follows:

  1. Challenge: When you all play this mode, you will be asked to complete a challenge with certain passing criteria.
  2. Mission: This mode is without a doubt the main mode of Basara Samurai Heroes, where you have to follow the game’s story to the end.
  3. Unification: Using this mode, you can choose one of the characters to make territory in Japan.
  4. Tag Team: In this game mode, you can change characters, either the main character or even with several friends or allied characters.
  5. Free Mode: In this mode, you are free to play using any character and on any stage

Download Game Basara PPSSPP ISO Small Size

Download Basara Ppsspp

Surely you all can’t wait to play the next small size Basara game. No need to worry, below I have provided the download link for both version 1 and 2. In addition to the game download link, I have included the savadata below as well.

Version 1 Basara Game

Download Basara PPSSPP Version 1

Savedata & Basara Texture PPSSPP Version 1

Version 2 Basara Game

Download Basara PPSSPP Version 2

Save Data Basara Version 2

HP Specifications for Playing Basara PPSSPP

As this game is played using an emulator, of course there are minimum specs to play the game. These specifications are necessary so that your gaming performance is very smooth, without the slightest obstacles such as Lag, Stuck or even framerate drops.

In fact there will be no minimum specs to play this game. For example, 2GB of Ram can already play this game, it’s just that you might experience lag and so on. If you don’t want this to happen, your mobile specs should be Mid range or as follows.

ONLY Android 8.1 Oreo
CPU Qualcomm Snapdragon 660/Media Tek Helio P60
GPU Qualcomm Adreno 616/ARM Mali-G76
Store 16 3B
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How to install PPSSPP Basara game

The installation process in a game is very important, just like in this game ppsspp basara. There are 3 files you will need to install, the first is the game file, the second is the texture file, and the third is the game’s SaveData file.

Although there are many Basara game users, I’m sure there are still many users who don’t know how to install the file. Well, for those of you who don’t know, please refer to the following steps.

Install the game Basara

  • First make sure you have installed the app ZArchiver on the playstore
  • After that extract the resulting file using ZArchiver
  • Then open PPSSPP Emulator, here later you will be directed to create a folder, please create a new folder called PSP
  • Then open the ZArchiver application and move the file PPSSPP Basara ke folder Internal Memory >PSP> Game
  • At this stage, make sure you saved the file in the correct folder
  • Done

Install Basara texture

  • First make sure you have installed the app Z Archiver
  • Then Download the texture file in the link above
  • After the download is complete, extract the file Basara game texture using Z Archiper
  • Then open the Z Archiver application and move the texture file to the folder Internal Memory > PSP > Textures
  • At this stage, make sure you saved the file in the correct folder
  • Done

Install SaveData

  • Make sure you’ve installed the app Z Archiper from Playstore.
  • Then extract the file named SAVEDATA Basara PPSSPP using the Z Archiver app previously
  • Open ZArchiver and move the SaveData file to the folder INTERNAL MEMORY >PSP > SAVEDATA.
  • make sure that the file is already saved in the folder Best regards.
  • Done


That was the discussion about downloading small ISO version of Basara PPSSPP game, when playing the game, of course you will return to nostalgia with old game genre of old PS 2 game called Basara Heroes which is very popular among users .

So the discussion this time, I hope it can be very useful for you all and don’t forget to share it on your respective social media so that other Basara game users can find out some of the things I discussed in the above review. Thanks

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