DOWNLOAD Bussid Gold Apk v3.3 Mod latest version 2020

Download Bussid Gold Apk V3.3 Mod Latest Version 2020
Buses Golden Apk

Download the latest version of Bussid Gold v3.3 Apk 2020 – Currently, there is the latest version of the bussid gold fashion, where each version has its advantages, as the features in the new version have been added to make it more complete and meaningful.

The conversation about the Bus Simulator game will never end, as we also shared the link in the previous review livery bussid NPM HD which is a car Rafi Ahmad | famous artist in Indonesia.

Bussid is a simulation game that is currently popular, the popularity of which is none other than the many players of the games in Indonesia that play it live on Facebook.

By live streaming on Facebook, these players will surely receive millions of rupees, while those who watch the video will receive credit for sharing them with other groups or communities.

So by playing games buses in addition to being able to please the heart, we can also earn extra income for everyday life.

But you need to know that Buses Gold Apk it’s different from the game Bus simulator Indonesiaand for those who want to know what the difference is, read the gold bussid apk review below.

Game overview Bussid Gold Apk version 3.3

Bussid Gold is a simulator game that has the same graphics and controls as Bus Simulator Indonesia, but the only difference is in the look of the bussid theme design.

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Because bussid gold has a golden look, while bussid is usually just a screen with a design in general, one example is a bus car in Indonesia.

In addition buses gold 3.3 It also provided various features that were not previously available in the old version, so very perfect features are available in the bussid gold version 3 2 mod game.

So what are the latest features in bussid gold? Well, to find out the answer, just check out the writing that Mimin uploaded in this article, check it out below.

The latest features of the Bussid Gold 2020 modification

Golden color screen

In this bussid gold game, as the name suggests, my friend will be using the Bussid gold user interface screen and it also includes a steering wheel, making the look of your bus car much cooler and cooler.

It can break through walls

In this latest bussid gold in 3.3 you will drive without hitting a wall as the car you are driving can penetrate the wall. So if you’re not too good at driving, don’t worry, because even if you’re reckless, the car won’t be able to crash.

Bus changes and conditions

  • The sound of the brakes will put more pressure on the “spokes”
  • The sound of gas in the car’s exhaust will sound like a jet, for example on JB2 + HD Pro and Haryanto Tsalj the sound is similar to a jet
  • Handbrake sound
  • The main horn sounds louder
  • The horn has versions using 1, 2 and 3 modes
  • The turn signal sound is very real as with a Scania or Mercy car type JB3 +
  • Unlimited diesel fuel
  • Beautiful photo light
  • Traffic is more congested, variations and traffic jams also occur
  • Buses can reach speeds of up to 100 km / h
  • Adding a bus route like a car in central Java
  • Players will be overtaken by other players
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Trafic Bussid Terdapat leather

In this game, bussid gold v3.3 also provides traffic with a lot of disguises, which can increase the appeal in the Java Pulas area. Bussid gold skins include:

  • HD, XHD, SHD backlight
  • Skin lamu depan SHD, HD, XHD
  • Leather gas
  • Rem skin
  • Dirt of the skin
  • Car covers
  • Skin steering wheel on sports cars
  • Po. kupu kupu ayu
  • Per. Lovely Star
  • By Sinar Jaya
  • According to Mandala
  • According to Haryanto
  • Po Pandawa 87
  • And there are many others

Where are you, friend, is there still a missing modification to bussid gold? I think that’s more than enough, yes, a gun, because with so many features, the Bus Simulator game will be more fun.

Download Bussid Gold V 3.3 Apk MOD (Busy and Diverse Traffic)

Name Apk BUSSID gold
Version The latest
Application size 171 MB
Download simple

Please, friends players, wherever you are, download the latest version of Bussid Gold for free via the button below.

Download Mod Bussid Gold v3.3 Mod APK


How to install Bussid Gold APK on Android

If there are still games on your smartphone buses the original version, then it does not need to be removed or deleted to install Bussid Gold, how do you do that?

  1. Download Bussid Gold in 3.3 at the link shared by the administrator above
  2. Make sure you have enabled the “Unknown source“, the goal is to install mod bussid gold apk on android
  3. Then open the file manager on your mobile phone
  4. If you download the APK via Chrome, then find the folder where the results are uploaded, as each smartphone has different settings
  5. If you find it, open the app and click “Install“, then wait for the installation process to complete
  6. Once installed, open the game
  7. And play the latest version of bussid gold with enjoyment
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How to install any mod apk game app is not difficult and everything is the same as in the tutorial above. However, for security reasons, be sure to upload the bussid gold apk file to a trusted site.

Last word

With transfer Bussid Gold v3.3 The latest version of the 2020 apk makes your bus simulator game much more exciting than before, as it adds traffic that can accelerate the feeling that the game is becoming more and more different.

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