Download Apk Star Shop ID FF Recharge Diamond Free Fire ML 2022

Download Apk Star Shop Id Ff Recharge Diamond Free Fire Ml 2022

Download Star Shop Apk – Discussions about free fire games never end folks. Because you also understand that more and more people are playing this game, automatically more and more people will discover things related to Free Fire. And this time I’m going to talk about the Star Shop app.

The Star Shop app or Star Shop APK is an app that has recently been widely discussed among gamers, especially Free Fire gamers. If you are a free fire player of course you want to get cheap diamonds and this star shop is the place to be.

Because this Star Shop offers diamonds at low prices, this Star Shop is automatically sought after by people. If you are curious to download Star Shop APK, I will provide you with the Star Shop APK download link in this article. I will also tell you how to download Star Shop FF Apk for those who still don’t know how to download it. So, for those who want to download the Star Shop Store APK or download the latest Star Shop ID APK, you should first consult my review below because I will explain in more detail what the Star Shop APK is.

What is Star Shop Apk?

For those who are still wondering about this Star Shop APK, I will explain it in full here, folks, so you need to read it carefully to understand before downloading the Star Shop APK.

APK Star Shop or Star Shop Top Up free fire is an online site that offers facilities to reload Diamond games, especially free fire, at a very low price.

When compared to other diamond game refill places like retail stores or other online stores, this Star Shop is much more affordable price, so those of you who have minimum money to buy diamonds can still buy them.

Not just free fire games, guys who can recharge diamonds here, you who play other mobile games like Mobile Legends, pubg mobile, Sausage Man and many other games that can recharge diamonds on this site.

So for those of you who want to reload your Diamond game, you can reload cheaply here folks, but you have to see if the games you play other than free fire can reload here.

Another benefit you will get if you top up Diamond free Fire at Star Shop is the easy and expensive payment method.

There are many options to pay your Diamond free fire recharge here, for example you can make payments through BCA bank, Mandiri bank or BNI bank.

In addition to going through the bank, you can also pay using eh wallets like OVO, shopeepay, go-pay, funds, links only and also Alfamart.

With so many options for payment methods, it will of course be easier for you to top up diamonds on this top Star, folks.

So what is the price of diamonds in Star Shop Free Fire?

If you are curious and want to know the cheap price of diamonds in the Star store, you can see the next review.

Diamond price in Star store

Of course you are curious, how much is the price of diamonds in this free fire Star Shop.

Because the diamond price here is predicted to be the cheapest diamond price compared to online diamond stores or existing retail stores.

If you are curious about Star Shop Free fire diamond price list, you can see the following price list.

  • 5820 Diamond: Rp. 79,000
  • 10930 Diamond: Rp. 91,000
  • Diamond 20500: Rp. 145,000
  • 720 Diamond: Rp. 12,000
  • 1850 Diamond: Rp. 28,000
  • 3630 Diamond: Rp. 45,000

And you, when compared to the prices of other stores, of course, this Star Shop is cheaper, right?

However, what needs to be noted is that when choosing a payment method, administration fees will be charged.

And the administration fees for each payment method are different.

Therefore, if you choose to pay via BCA, the administration fees will differ from what you pay via BNI.

Download Star Shop Apk

Good people. After knowing what Star Shop APK is and knowing the diamond price list here, of course you are tempted, folks, you want to buy diamonds here.

But to be able to buy cheap diamonds in Star Shop APK, you must first download the app.

It’s easy folks, you can directly search for this app on Google Play Store by typing keyword “Star Shop Free fire 2022 application” then this Star Shop app will appear automatically and you just need to download it, folks.

Cara Install Apk Star Shop

But if you still have problems downloading the Star Shop FF recharge APK, you can download it using the one I provided, folks!

1. Download Star Shop Apk

You can copy and paste the link and then download the file.

Once the download is complete, you can install it, folks. How to install it is a little different from the usual app that you already have in the Play Store. If you don’t know, I will tell you how to install it below.

If the Star Shop Free fire app download is complete, please do not install it first. Make sure your download completed perfectly

2. Allow unknown sources

If so, you can directly access your phone’s settings to set permissions to install third-party apps

The way you click the gear symbol on your phone, click another, select security, and check the unknown source column, OK?

3. Install the Star Shop Apk

If you have, you can directly install the app as usual, folks.

4. Completed

He is well!

How to recharge diamonds in the Star Shop

The way to recharge is also quite easy, folks. I will write down the steps or how to complete the diamond star shop below. So you follow these steps correctly, folks.

  • first open the Star Shop app you installed earlier
  • if you can enter your free fire account id
  • the next step, please choose the nominal you can buy, folks
  • then you can choose to continue this purchase by selecting the payment you wish to use
  • you enter your phone number where you can be contacted
  • click pay and you can immediately complete the payment

It’s quite easy, isn’t it, how to buy diamonds in this Star Shop?

That’s it folks, my star shop apk review and also the star shop apk download link this time, hope it will be helpful!

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