Don’t have car insurance, these are the risks and losses if you have an accident

Don’t Have Car Insurance, These Are The Risks And Losses If You Have An Accident

Did you see the accident on the road, or even meet it? I didn’t know it was a collision, a collision, a crash, a fall, or an ambush in a river or valley.

Of course the car will be disabled. It could also be that the shape of the car body is no longer so serious. If repaired, it can cost a lot of money. Tens of millions, let alone hundreds of millions as you buy a new car.

You can be free of this loss if you already have car insurance. It is protection against various risks that may arise, one of which is disaster.

Keeping car insurance at this point is so important. Because driving on the track is fraught with disaster risks. Nobody knows when that risk comes. This can happen sometimes even if you are careful when driving the car.

Risks that must be guaranteed due to accidents

There are not a few people who underestimate car insurance. That was the case, recently I was crying because I needed to spend a large amount of money at the same time to fix the car.

1. Severely disabled car

Disasters can be caused by many factors such as helmsman carelessness when playing gadgets, paying attention to sounds with large carrying capacity, driving in a drowsy, speeding or delinquent situation and not obeying stakes and routes and markings. track.

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Disasters are inevitable, single collisions, series collisions, collisions with lane barriers, falling into streams or valleys, squeezing and others. With the impact of the disaster, the car faces serious defects, such as the shape of the dented body.

2. The car caught fire

Disasters, such as falls, can cause sparks from the friction of iron and asphalt on the road. After that, gasoline spilled or leaked, as a result, the car was burned.

The cause of the car being burned during the accident was a leak in the pipe or fuel line or engine. This is even more pathetic, your car can sink in a moment and be devoured by the red specialist.

3. Life is floating

Every day there are disasters that claim lives. Be it yourself, passengers or other people.

According to police information, in general, 3 people die every hour due to accidents on the way. Most of the triggers are due to the aspect of the people, the feasibility of the means of transport and the aspects of infrastructure and area.

Injuries don’t have car insurance

When it comes to life, there is life insurance to cover. For car transport, it may be covered by car insurance.

If you buy car insurance, the risk of destruction and the car being burned due to an accident will certainly be covered by the insurance company.

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What if you don’t have one? It is true that you automatically bear the loss. And don’t be surprised that the service claims are correct.

In addition to not having protection, the loss of not having car insurance is:

Financial problems

Car insurance is a kind of emergency budget. When an accident occurs, you file a claim with the insurance company to dissolve the damages claim budget.

That way, your finances are always comfortable as you don’t have to worry about paying for car repairs due to accidents.

can’t drive smoothly

Having no insurance, there really is no protection. Driving on the road will surely be filled with fear and being aware of the various hazards on the road.

Try it if you have car insurance, driving becomes more peaceful and comfortable. If there is a disaster, there is no need to be afraid to consider the payment that must be guaranteed. There is an insurance industry that wants to cover under the policy.

It has no additional properties

Important protection by itself does not have, especially bonus properties. The benefits of this bonus also mean whether you have car insurance, such as life insurance and additional, attractive premiums when purchasing insurance.

Car sales price drops

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Cars are listed relics that are experiencing depreciation or depreciation in numbers. If you have insurance, a car that is defective due to an accident can be repaired or exchanged for a new one.

Therefore, it is suitable for sale, the cost is not very low. However, if there is no insurance, the car left behind by the accident can be sold for a low price, especially if it is superficially repaired due to budget constraints.

Get car insurance ASAP

Prepare a parachute before the rain, so says the proverb. Get car insurance before disaster or destruction occurs to your favorite car.

Assigning auto insurance as a means of capital to protect your legacy, so that you become a profitable helmsman, do not give up by ignoring the significance of auto insurance.

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