Dog liability – what you should know about it

Dog Liability – What You Should Know About It

While walking, your dog breaks free and runs out into the street. A driver avoids the animal and crashes into another car in the process. how often are chihuahuas in heat vehicles suffered considerable material damage. What started out as a minor mishap can quickly go straight to money. Good if you took a responsibility away from the dog for your four-legged friend. He pays for the damage done. What you should pay attention to when choosing, you can find out here.

Do I need liability insurance for dogs?

Dog civil liability is one of the most important insurances for dog owners, as it covers the damage that your four-legged friend causes to third parties. This could be property damage such as a broken down car or personal injury if a person was injured by the dog.

Is the dog’s responsibility mandatory?

In many federal states, dog liability is mandatory. Here, dog owners must take out insurance for all three- to six-month-old dogs. These federal states include:



Lower Saxony




Other federal states have limited the liability of dogs by law to so-called list dogs. So in pedigree dogs that have been classified as particularly dangerous – such as Bull Terrier, Mastiff or Tosa Inu. Federal states with mandatory insurance for these breeds are:





North Rhine-Westphalia




If you live in one of these federal states, you have the opportunity to put your dog through a character test. This makes it possible to refute that the four-legged friend is excessively aggressive.

In Bavaria, on the other hand, you are only required to take out liability insurance if your list dog becomes evident by aggressive behavior.

In North Rhine-Westphalia, on the other hand, you must hold dogs that weigh 20 kilograms or more and have a shoulder height of at least 40 centimeters.

Mecklenburg-Vorpommern is the only German state that does not require dog insurance.

When does dog responsibility make sense?

Basically, a dog responsibility for all dogs makes sense, whether big or small, gentle or aggressive. Because the damage a four-legged friend can do can quickly reach four-figure values ​​and more. At worst, they reach millions. This happens, for example, if people are injured and subsequently high hospital costs, lost wages and compensation for pain and suffering are claimed. Even in the case of property damage, dog owners sometimes have to dig deep into their pockets.

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A good case study here is the dangerous goods transporter, which prevents your Chihuahua from jumping off your arm and driving into a wall. Fortunately, not much happened at first, but the tank with the heating oil leaked and the toxic substance flows unhindered into the ground and the nearby stream. Environmental damage quickly reaches several million euros, for which you, as a pet owner in Germany, must be fully responsible by law.

For which dog is canine responsibility appropriate?

If you want to take out canine civil liability insurance, you must first verify that the chosen insurer insures your breed. In general, most dog breeds can be handled without problems. Listed dogs exclude some providers due to increased risk. Others only cover their insurance coverage for a surcharge.

A similar problem exists with mixed races. Insurers calculate the value of the dog’s liability according to the respective breed of dog. If you can’t tell which breed your dog belongs to, your vet can help. Based on coat, physique and other characteristics, he makes an assessment of which breeds your mixed breed dog has.

With some insurers, you also have the option to upload a photo of your four-legged friend so experts can decide for themselves which breed to assign the animal to.

What is included in the dog’s liability?

The basic dog responsibility package already contains the most important services. This includes paying for:



financial losses

It is important that the damage done is caused by the unpredictability of the animal’s behavior. This means that the dog must act independently. It must not have been deliberately directed by you. This would be the case, for example, if you deliberately took your dog to your neighbor’s house.

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What Else Can Cover a Dog Liability?

In addition to this basic rate, you have the option to book additional services with many dog ​​liability insurance. Here it is worth reading the insurance policy carefully before concluding the contract. When in doubt, you complete the on-site dog liability at an insurance office to discuss individual points there. Important additional benefits with this insurance for dogs are above all:

Going off-leash: In public spaces, such as in pedestrian zones or at events, the dog is usually required to be on a leash in accordance with the law. If you violate it, you commit an administrative infraction. If the damage is caused by walking off a leash, you are responsible for it. Exception: You have chosen a corresponding rate without a mandatory leash and your insurance company will also intervene in case of damage when driving without a leash.

Damage to Rental Property: The benefit includes damage caused by the dog to rental objects such as the rental apartment or a rental car.

Foreign losses: This insurance coverage is important if you are often abroad with your dog. Some dog liability insurance policies already include temporary insurance coverage for foreign countries. There are also differences in benefits in other European (EU) countries and stays outside Europe. In case of ambiguity, ask your insurance specialist to be able to avail of the ideal insurance coverage when traveling with the dog.

Unwanted mating act: This option is interesting for owners of unneutered males. If the male inadvertently covers the, your dog’s liability is responsible for the costs incurred by the subsequent pregnancy.

Dog co-insurance: The added benefit to dog responsibility is ideal if your unneutered puppies get puppies. These are often insured until the age of twelve months.

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When does the dog’s responsibility not pay off?

The dog’s responsibility always pays off if strangers are harmed by the animal. If, on the other hand, the four-legged friend devastates your own living room or bites one of the children who live in your house, it is self-harm. The insurer is not responsible for this. Personal injury is caused if you or a person living in your home has been harmed.

Usually, even other insurance companies, such as personal liability insurance or home contents insurance, do not cover this service and you must bear these costs yourself.

What else is important in a dog liability?

When completing a dog liability, pay attention to a sufficiently high insured amount of at least five million euros. For rental damages you must estimate at least 300,000 euros and for financial losses 50,000 euros.

Another important point in dog liability is the so-called third-party guardian risk. young mouse puppy insurance covers damages if you or people in your household walk the dog. If strangers (foreign guardians) also take care of the animal, you must make sure that they are also insured under the dog’s civil liability.

How much does a dog liability cost?

With the dog’s responsibility, the costs are manageable. Cheap policies are now available from 35 euros per year. The annual contribution depends on the breed and size of the dog. In addition, the benefits selected and the amount of capital insured play a role in the calculation of contributions.


With deductible dog liability insurance, you save money because you assume a predetermined amount of money in the event of damage. Also, contributions to your dog’s liability are tax deductible. You can claim them on your annual income tax return.

Which dog liability insurance is best?

To choose a liability insurance for dogs with a good price-performance ratio, it is best to use comparison portals. Here you enter the main data and a comparison calculator provides the suitable offers.

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