Does Google AI have an independent mind? After reading the chat log, netizens are horrified

Does Google Ai Have An Independent Mind?  After Reading The Chat Log, Netizens Are Horrified

Is the scene from the sci-fi movie “I, Robot” about to come true?

Earlier this month, Google engineer Blake Lemoine claimed that the computer chatbot he was working on had become sentient, thinking and reasoning like humans.

To that end, he wrote a 21-page investigative report and handed it over to the company, trying to get the top to recognize the AI ​​personality.

However, the leader rejected his request and provided him with “paid administrative leave” – this is not a good thing, but a precursor to layoffs, and some companies in China have released unused annual leave before laying off employees. it’s a truth.

Blake Lemoine was so upset by this that he gave an interview to The Washington Post and made his AI chats public.

As soon as the report came out, both the inside and the outside of the wall appeared in the hot search

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