Do you have a poor digital footprint on the internet? Here’s how to delete it

Do You Have A Poor Digital Footprint On The Internet?  Here’s How To Delete It

Gencil News – Deleting personal information on digital internet prints can sometimes be one of the best ways to live a more comfortable life. Especially if you’re bothered by digital traces of the past, don’t worry, as there are several ways to erase traces in the digital world.

Life is at least safer if you delete it, along with personal information, which is also generally easily accessible. Here are some ways you can extract from CNBC:

1. Clear your search history

Many applications also store user data locally cloud. This allows you to connect user data to other devices. It means deleting search logs from phone delete records on different platforms.

For example, a Google Account stores the search history of your Android phone. To delete, access Google from the web and go to the activity history page, then delete it.

2. Use without recording history

Using incognito mode, the app will not capture the landing page. Including nailing keyword used by the user.

But using it without recording history does not mean that you can avoid control. One example is if you visit Facebook, social media will still record your activities. To disguise your ISP, use a VPN while using the Internet.

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3. Delete all cookies

Delete all cookies so that no websites can be tracked. This method can be applied to everyone browser such as Chrome or Firefox.

You can delete cookies individually. You can also delete them all at once with the help of third parties such as Advanced System Optimizer.

4. Potential data leakage

There have been many instances of data leakage involving user data in services such as Yahoo to Adobe. Use Have I Been Pwned? to see if your data has been exposed.

After logging in Web page fill in the address Email address used. You will then see if your data has leaked or not.

5. Tracking restrictions

Some data can be monitored by the application. However, some allow the user to use incognito mode or stop tracking if requested.

We recommend that you check your app settings to stop tracking. If you do not find this option, manually delete all activities. This procedure differs depending on the operating system used.

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