“Do we just snatch money regardless of Halal and Haram?” – PU Syed scolds Forex artist ‘Review’

“Do We Just Snatch Money Regardless Of Halal And Haram?”  – Pu Syed Scolds Forex Artist ‘Review’

Before that, we shared about Forex stock ads that are actively promoted by various Malaysian artists. This time we share a reprimand from PU Syed especially for those who are eager to comment or promote this global exchange.

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PU Syed began the rebuke by asking the artist who received the project if he knew it was halal or illegal. This is seen by the way the company does business, which is seen as a violation of Islamic law.

He also called on the authorities to monitor and take action on the matter as it involves Islamic law.

Do we want to seize some opportunity to get money regardless of halal and haram?!

Please state and federal religious authorities monitor this matter. Because Malaysians know that what is haram is just BABI!


Halal or Haram!?

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Credit: TikTok PU Syed

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