Dnars founder’s son allegedly cheated on his stepfather?

Dnars Founder’s Son Allegedly Cheated On His Stepfather?

The story of the passing of the founder of Dnars Skincare Cosmetics, Faziani Rohban Ahmad, came back to the attention of many when the deceased’s family members demanded that further investigation be done into the deceased’s death.

According to media reports yesterday, family members suspected there were other elements to the deceased’s death after being involved in an accident in Pattani, Thailand three years ago.

Subsequently, the exposure of family members, including the daughter of the late Irdina Hakim Jasman, was again ‘unearthed’ by netizens through several video shares on the TikTok app.


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One of the videos uploaded by Irdina or affectionately called ‘Gegirl’ last month told a brief story about the situation her brothers faced after their mother passed away.

The 19-year-old businessman claimed that the four siblings appeared to have been abandoned by their stepfather, unlike their mother’s life where four other half-siblings were also taken care of by the deceased.


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“When Mami (deceased mother) was alive, she took care of eight children. Four biological children of four stepchildren (stepfather with ex-wife). Top to bottom, including gold and diamond plated stepchildren, luxury brands.
“When my mother died, we were abandoned and betrayed by our stepfather. My brother was arrested, I was kicked out of the house and my sister was not taken care of (another sister is believed to be in the care of her stepfather)” He wrote.

Through the 11-second video, Irdina also claimed that her stepfather started having a ‘scandalous’ relationship (who is now his new wife) when her late mother was still alive.

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“In the end, I met the scandalous stepfather with his new wife of (since) Mami was alive. That’s what people say… kindness is not necessarily rewarded with kindness.” he said.

Earlier, the accident occurred during Ramadan, causing the late Faziani to die on the spot, while her husband was injured.

Source: TikTok and Instagram Irdina Hakim Jasman