Divorced billionaire, heiress 458

Divorced Billionaire, Heiress 458

Read Divorced Billionaire, Heiress, Chapter 458 – Toto smiled brightly and lied without blinking.

Nicole looked at Eric, who held the cotton candy in his hand. His gaze was gentle and deep.

“Well, do you like it?”

Nicole looked at Eric with a complicated expression. ‘Cotton candy? It’s not Eric’s style at all! ‘

Before she could do anything, Lil Michael enthusiastically ran from her side.

“I like it! I like it!”

As the crowd froze, Lil Michael took the cotton candy and viciously bit into it.

“O MY GOD! It’s so sweet that my baby teeth will fall out!”

Lil Michael covered his little face and ran indignantly into Nicolina’s lap.

“Beautiful lady, my teeth hurt …”

Eric was upset, but he had to stay with himself and pretend to be gentle and kind.

“Then be careful.”

Eric had no other choice because he was at a disadvantage.

So he couldn’t just offend anyone close to Nicole.

Nicole stroked Lil Michael’s fluffy curls. She knew Eric was pretending, but she didn’t expose him.

“Then don’t eat it.”

Lil Michael nodded.

“Only children eat candy. Evil gentleman, you are so stingy. Beautiful lady, if you want, I’ll make you a big cotton candy with gold, then you can see it every day! “

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However, Lil Michael was not as stingy as the evil Mr. Eric Ferguson.

Nicole was speechless and quickly declined.

“No, no … I don’t like it.”

No ordinary man could raise such a lost young master …

Nicole went for Lil Michael’s bottle of water from his side bag.

Eric looked at Lil Michael’s small face and smiled. His voice was gentle as he deliberately teased him.

“You like Nicole, don’t you?”

“Yeah, so what?”

Lil Michael crossed his arms in front of his chest and looked like a small adult.

“Then I have to congratulate you. Your dad and Nicole are together, so you will be her son.

Lil Michael’s traits were immediately crushed. His crooked face was full of shock and anger.

“What ?!”

His tiny fists were clenched together.

Eric raised his eyebrows. “You still don’t know? Your dad is chasing her … “

Just as his words fell, Clayton stepped toward them, holding an equally colorful cotton candy.

Nicole turned and was stunned. ‘Why does everyone buy cotton candy?’

Clayton walked over to them, looked at his son, and Nicole smiled gently.

“Ma’am. Stanton, I just saw that the cotton candy Mr. Ferguson wanted to give you was destroyed by Michael. On his behalf, I apologize and hope this will be fixed.”

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Nicole handed the cotton candy in his hand.

Eric’s eyes narrowed, but he didn’t show much aggression.

On the contrary, Lil Michael, who was next to him, angrily took Clayton’s cotton candy.

The toddler glared at his father. His face was red with anger.

He was careful and on guard.

“Dad, a beautiful lady doesn’t like cotton candy! Hmf! “

Even though Lil Michael was just a kid, he was a smart kid!

‘The evil gentleman is telling the truth ?! Dad really takes this opportunity to pursue my beautiful lady! No way! A beautiful lady can only be mine! Dad can’t steal it from me either! ‘

Lil Michael glared at Clayton and handed the cotton candy to Eric.

“For you.”

He would rather give it to Mean Mister than leave it to his father.

This was because he knew his beautiful lady did not like Mean Mister.

Mean Mister simply wasn’t his mate.

Clayton’s face was unchanged. He still had a gentle smile on his face, but looking at his son’s eyes made Clayton feel a little dazed and doubtful.

Lil Michael felt he was unlucky to have Mean Mister as his love rival. He thought that when he inherited his father’s estate, he could be with his beautiful lady in a dignified way.

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‘Why did Dad get involved ?! Doesn’t she know that Pretty Lady is mine ?! Hmf! ‘

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