Dewi Birth Story – Our Midwife

Dewi Birth Story – Our Midwife

hello thank god my 2nd child was born according to my expectations and statements much..

And from the birth of my second child, I remember the bude knowledge and positive affirmations.

My son was born on the 27th of August, the contractions started at 8pm, and spots appeared lasting 40-30 minutes, I still can’t stand it because I have an older sister I have to sleep with and I always give affirmations for Dede to be born tomorrow at 9 /10, sorry bro, if you leave it at night, you’ll wake up crying” (Sister doesn’t want to go to sleep unless with mom and dad an ICU)..

I keep enjoying the waves of love while dhikr and fall asleep even though every 40 minutes I wake up due to contractions..

Dewi Birth Story - Our Midwife

When morning comes, I can still pray and walk “At home, I accelerate the opening.. And soon my contractions are already 15 minutes and it will be cool” And affirmation again with quick opening so that in the afternoon I don’t come home, sorry bro. .

At 7 o’clock I went to the midwife at home and at the same time my sister who happened to wake up and asked to come.. When I arrived at the midwife, I immediately checked the VT, thank God it was already opening 4,, after that I took a gun gymnastics ball as per Bude’s teachings to make her move fast, about 1 hour ago the gym ball felt like something was sticking and i finally climbed into bed..

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About half an hour I lay down to sleep the intensity of sleep became more frequent and I asked my husband to call the midwife and it turned out that Bude had opened 9..

Meanwhile, the midwife is fixing the tools” I called again, I’m very happy about it, Dedenya. must have been born according to your wishes.

All according to bude’s expectations;

  1. morning birth
  2. minimum VT
  3. I was thinking about giving birth, waiting for my sister, thank God it really happened

The pair has yet to learn to breathe because when it was born it was a mess and prevented it from being sewn together.

My baby was born weighing 3.5kg. Thanks for the free knowledge bude and yoga “On youtube

May Allah reward you for your kindness because of the knowledge you teach.. Amen..


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