“Cute and very cheerful Afwa laughed out loud..” – Netizen

“Cute And Very Cheerful Afwa Laughed Out Loud..” – Netizen

Muhammad Afwa’s latest video, Ketawa Besar, catches the attention of fans. Until he laughed and laughed. Wow, you can see the dimples, Afwa. Cute !!

Dato’ Seri’s son Siti Nurhaliza is often the focus of attention on social media. Muhammad Afwa, who is now a year old and just one of his heartbreaking behaviors, was shared on his Instagram account.

Recently, the video of Afwa having a big laugh that was shared also entertained many fans. In fact, Afwa rarely showed a cheerful face, let alone a laugh in most videos shared on social media. Often, Afwa’s face was always sniffing her mouth.

The video, which lasted a few moments, showed Afwa being supported by someone while singing and swaying. Finally, Afwa laughed suddenly until he saw her dimples.

&Quot;Cute And Very Cheerful Afwa Laughed Out Loud..&Quot; - Netizen

To date, this video share has received over 600 likes in less than an hour of upload. If you follow Afwa’s fan-created Instagram account, many more cute Afwa videos will be shared.

Let’s watch the video below:

Among other videos that also caught a lot of attention:

In the comments section, several responses were given by netizens. Among the comments made by them:

“Hi Ganteng is very funny.. dear afwa.. This child is very cute. Dimple muhdafwakhalid tu haishhh.. cute.. “

Mashaallah. Very very cute. Cheerful laugh too big, Dimples, how sweet is Afwa’s smile..”

“Beautiful, Afwa’s face is Dato CT’s face.. Copy paste right mukenye.. MasyaAllah.. S1an afwa until tersed4k..”

“Subhanaallah, he’s really good at playing with his mouth..sayang sokmo..Alhamdulilah..Alah..alah..alahhhhh & Dato ctdk isn’t very cute either..”

“As cute as ever, Afwa’s face is Dato CT’s face.. Alahai… Afwa’s mother bonded.. Afwa is good at bubbling. I think I know how to sing that…”

“Comey nye diaaaa ger4m tgk… dato siti also got prettier .. Ger4mnya look fluffy cheeks Afwa .. fluffy ..”

It’s not easy to see Afwa’s smiling face, let alone laugh until she laughs like that. Whatever it is we at Berita Kopak hope that Muhammad Afwa grows up healthy and becomes a godly child.

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&Quot;Cute And Very Cheerful Afwa Laughed Out Loud..&Quot; - Netizen

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