CT Tamburello was allowed to walk away with wins, says co-star

Ct Tamburello Was Allowed To Walk Away With Wins, Says Co-Star

Paulie Calafiore is known for catching the attention of other “Challenge” cast members and cheering on social media for fans who criticized him, and in early May he shadowed his castmates when he claimed they were CT Tamburello and Johnny Bananas would have allowed Devenanzio to “go away” with victories in recent years.

Paulie hasn’t been on The Challenge since War of the Worlds 2, when he and the rest of Team USA lost to Team UK, which also included CT, in the finals. The following season, “Total Madness” was won by Bananas and Jenny West, while CT won the next two seasons, first “Double Agents” with Amber Borzotra, then “Spies, Lies and Allies” with Kaycee Clark.

A fan tweeted about the show and criticized Paulie, writing, “@ChallengeMTV is a much better show if @johnnybananas isn’t eliminated early in the season. If I never see @PaulCalafiore_ on the Challenge again, it will be too soon.” Paulie responded, casting some shadows on the “Challenge” stars.

“So they prefer the last 3 seasons where the cast doubles up to help Johnny and CT get to the end so they can get away with it,” he said. he wrote. “Competitors are terrible. Period. Keep complaining about how you wish things were the way they used to be. I don’t fit in with Kumbaya-Bs anyway.” In a later tweet, Paulie wrote: “Over the last 3 seasons. Remove CT, Johnny, Wes [Bergmann]Jordan [Wiseley]dare [Taylor]. Name a better male challenger than me. I’ll wait… just say you hate it and move on.

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Paulie then continued to applaud many fans twitter, as many people criticized the reality star for her claims. He explained that while he wasn’t back on the show, he did get calls for a revamp. “If you think I don’t get calls it’s because I wanted you to think so while I applied for the Olympics so I could see how brave people would look online,” he wrote.

In response to a fan who told him that “the reckoning was the easiest final in Challenge history” and Paulie didn’t even make it to second place, Paulie wrote: “Calm down honey. I know it’s a hard pill to swallow, but as easy as FR was… the last three made it look like WOTW1 and 2. Maybe the finals would be harder if there were better competitors.”

Paulie also stated that he has “achieved more” than most cast members in the last three seasons. He also stated that he didn’t “spend” on the “War of the Worlds” finale, but actually suffered heat stroke and criticized “out of shape couch potatoes” for the reviews.

Paulie has been at odds with many of his “Challenge” co-stars in recent years, and some of them trolled him in February 2022. Commenting on CBS’s announcement of Challenge: USA and the global tournament, Paulie wrote that he would be the “first US global champion”. missed three seasons badly… and other countries don’t care about “good personalities” who want to win and bring glory back to the nation.”

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Many ‘Challenge’ stars criticized Paulie, and season 37 newcomer Hughie Maughan said, “It’s a TV show, not a world title, for God’s sake.” Theo Campbell wrote: “Isn’t CT technically a US Global Champion?” in reference to CT Tamburello, who defeated Paulie and won “War of the Worlds 2” with Team UK.

Trishelle Cannatella commented, “Awkward second hand I’ve never seen anyone beg so much to be on a show. It hurts to watch.” Tyler Duckworth agreed, writing, “Apparently challenge = life for Paulie.” Laurel Stucky and Paulie also recently teamed up after laughing at Theo posting photos from his time on the show, and he added one of Paulie lying on the floor during the finale.

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