Come watch Thor: Love and Thunder Indonesian Sub full movie for free

Come Watch Thor: Love And Thunder Indonesian Sub Full Movie For Free

Come watch Thor: Love and Thunder Indonesian Sub full movie for free

Are you waiting for the Thor movie? Be glad this movie was released yesterday on April 18, 2022, Marvel Entertainment has finally officially released a teaser trailer for one of their newest movies, Thor: Love and Thunder.

This is the fourth film in the much-anticipated Thor franchise in the MCU. For the official streaming schedule of Thor: Love and Thunder itself, it is announced that it will be released from July 8, 2022.

It will be the next MCU movie to appear after Doctor Strane in the Multiverse of Madness. And this movie will still use Taika Waititi as director, who is also working on the third Thor: Ragnarok.

What is the leaked story of the trailer that aired?

Thor: Love and Thunder Detailed Trailer

After the Avengers: Endgame event, many are curious about how the story continues from the figure of Thor. Because since then, all people know is that Thor went with the Galaxy’s Guadians.

Through the official trailer that aired by Marvel, you can finally get a glimpse of what Thor did after defeating Thanos.

Thor’s Character Journey

The trailer for Thor: Love and Thunder opens with a scene showing the story of Thor. From childhood, adolescence to adulthood as it is today.

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The change is portrayed with Thor running in the woods and eventually growing from a child to an adult.

Retired to be a superhero

The next scene seems to indicate that Thor has decided to stop being a superhero. Indicated if he connected and left his Stormbreaker on a hill or mountain. So I continued with the scene where Thor was meditating.

The Return of the Fat Thor

Many have asked if the Fat Thor figure will return in this fourth film?

Finally this question has been answered. Through the trailer, you’ll see a fat figure of Thor in training. It could be that this restores his appearance to the muscular Thor figure you’ve come to know so far.

Thor and Guardians of the Galaxy

This may not be a big surprise to the public. Because from the beginning you understood that Thor would travel along with the Guardians of the Galaxy.

I don’t know what they will do together on this adventure. Just wait for the movie later.

Thor & Korg Kembali ke Sakaar?

Another scene shows the figures of Thor and Korg in a place full of garbage debris. Many thought they were both on the planet Sakaar, the Grand Master’s residence.

I don’t know what your intentions and goals are if Thor decides to go back to that place.

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Thor’s Magic Goat

For those of you loyal readers of the Thor comics, you are of course familiar with this scene. In the comics, Thor has 2 magical goats, Toothgnasher and Toothgrinder.

They were first introduced through the comics in 1976 and their job was to pull the God of Thunder’s chariot. Finally, the trailer shows the 2 magical goats pulling the Asgardian ship from New Asgard.

Zeus’ arrival in the MCU

Thor, Odin, Loki and others are divine figures from Norse mythology. And it looks like the fourth Thor movie will be a bridge to introduce the gods of other mythologies, one of which is Greek mythology. Where in the trailer you will see the figure of Zeus who is the leader of the Greek gods in Olympia where he lives.

Thor meets Falligar

The scene later shows Thor and Korg in a snowy area. There they found a giant dead figure. The figure is actually Falligar, a guardian god of the Frontier galaxy and old friend of Thor.

But it seems that Falligar died because he became one of the victims of Gorr the God Butcher, who really wanted to kill all the gods for the sake of his revenge.

Valkryie, Korg and 2 Thor to Olympus

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Another interesting thing you see in the trailer for Thor: Love and Thunder shows Valkryie, Korg, and 2 Thor figures who seem to have come to Olympus, the abode of the Greek gods.

It is still unclear what they came for. Did they come there to classify Zeus over the figure of Gorr, the Butcher God?

Mjolnir is back

As you know, Thor’s legendary weapon Mjolnir was destroyed by Hela in the movie Ragnarog.

But surprisingly, the hammer of Mjolnir will return again in the fourth Thor movie. It is not yet known who managed to reforge the hammer until it was whole again.

The Mighty Thor Appears

After it was officially announced that Jane Foster would play Thor, many were curious about her appearance. Then, through the inaugural trailer, you get a little leak about the Mighty Thor figure. He is also the person who holds Mjolnir now and obtained Thor’s power.

Nonton Trailer Thor: Love and Thunder

Those of you who may not have seen the latest trailer for Thor: Love and Thunder can directly check out the official channel of Marvel Entertainment. You’ll likely get answers to a lot of questions about the fourth Thor movie that got you curious.

It might be useful!

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