Code Mystery Shop FF 2022

Code Mystery Shop Ff 2022

3 Ways To Recharge Free Fire Cheap And Fast, Earn Abundant Diamonds! – became one of the most awaited events by Free Fire fans. There are not a few who wonder when this event will take place, because the event usually takes place every month. Of course, there are many perks players can get every time the event takes place.

For the mystery shop free fire event, this is one of the most anticipated events by survivors. This is none other than because this mystery shop offers many prizes. So there are currently many survivors who are wondering when this mystery shop event will be released.

So if you are curious about this mystery shop event ff. So you can just read our review this time until you’re done, because here we’re going to discuss Mystrey Shop FF in full. If you are already curious, please read further below:

Rate Mysterious Store FF

Mystery shop ff is an event held by the official developer of ff, Garena. This ff event features a big discount for free fire players. Of course, this event will really help free fire players to get lots of cool items.

In this free fire event, you will get a 50% to 90% discount. So, if you’re lucky, later on you can get the biggest discount of the event, which is 90%.

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Of course, discounts on the ff mystery shop event are very profitable, as you will be able to buy cool items and packages in free fire at very affordable prices.

When is Mystery Shop FF coming

With the huge profits in this mystery shop, it is clear that at this point many people are wondering when the event will take place. Yes, you need to know that according to the information we have obtained, this mystery shop is present in June, but for this month of June we cannot confirm either because this event that appears in June is just a prediction.

For mystery stores, Garena is usually launched for just two months in a year. So if this event occurs in June, it will usually reappear a second time. So you just keep monitoring the free fire game to wait for this event to come out.

Mystery Shop event prize leaks

As we explained above, this mystery shop event will release a lot of cool prizes. If you are curious about the prizes that will be obtained in the free fire mystery shop. So please, you can take a look at the leaked menstrual events mystery shop we prepared below.

iron bracelet pack
name change card
Weapon Royale Voucher
Diamond Royale Voucher
Pack lab giant
Elite Pass Voucher
Purple Shade Pack
Getleman pack per day
And others

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For the gift we gave above is a leak. So it’s not necessarily that there are many other attractive prizes in the mystery shop event. To be able to see the full prize, just follow the ff mystery shop event when it launches.

How to participate in Mystery Shop events

So, if you have seen the various cool prizes in the mystery shop free fire that we have provided above. Of course, you are curious about how to participate in the ff mystery shop event. So please, you can see how to follow the full mystery shop event below.

First of all, just open the free fire game on their respective cell phones.
After that, on the free fire game main page, just click on the event icon.
So please enter the news tab.
If yes, click on the mystery shop.
Then all you have to do is gacha, the discount will be obtained later.
Done. Please only buy items with deep discounts.

How to get Mystery Shop Free Fire launch leaks

For those of you free fire players who are always faithfully waiting for the ff mystery shop event to be present. So, in order to discover the leaked launch information of this event, you just need to follow the official social media of Garena Free Fire Indonesia. In addition to following Garena’s social networks, you can also follow Garena’s official YouTube channel.

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If you are too lazy to monitor Garena’s social networks and YouTube channels, you can also monitor it, as we will always provide you with information about the mystery store ff.


It seems that this is the only information we can convey to you about the Free Fire Mystery Store Leaks. We hope that the information we provided above can be useful to you free fire players.

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