Codashop Pro APK Newest Diamond Free FF and ML 2022

Codashop Pro Apk Newest Diamond Free Ff And Ml 2022

When using a Codashop Pro app, you will have many items or skins contained in the game you are playing.

These items or skins include character outfits or skins, new weapon displays, emotes, recall effects, packs, rare items, edge skins, and so on.

With the existence of rare items or characters, it will surely make you more confident and increase the percentage to win a gameplay.

Because when using rare and cool items and characters, opponents will be reluctant and lower your mindset. So the chance to win is very easy.

You can actually get these rare items and skins just using Coda Shop Pro. If you are curious about this app, here we are going to review it and how to use it.

About the Codashop Pro app

Codashop Pro

What is Codashop Pro? Codashop Pro app is an app designed for game players like mobile legends, free fire, pubg mobile and others to recharge diamonds for free without password.

How to use Codashop pro APK premium app is the same as reloading various other online games using the app’s official account.

Well, but you won’t find this app on Google Playstore or App Store on your Android and iOS phones. Because actually this app is not officially released.

As we all know, Codashop is one of the trusted online game reload sites. By using one of these platforms, you can buy diamonds or other coins in other games easily and quickly.

Developers also provide convenience by being able to choose your own payment method. There are several payment options such as virtual accounts, banks or credit.

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However, by using this app, you can get diamonds for free in an easy way. Various reviews and news reported it.

For those who are interested and have this app, you can download it from this website for free.

List of games in the Codashop Pro app

For those who are curious about which games can recharge diamonds for free using this app, the games list includes:

  • Free Fire (FF)
  • Mobile subtitles (ML)
  • PUBG Mobile
  • Call Of Duty (COD)
  • After life
  • Genshin Impact
  • Top eleven
  • Higgs Island Domino
  • Blank point (BP)
  • roblox

Fitur Codashop Pro Mod APK

Codashop Pro

Of course, before you have an app, it’s good to know what features are in it. Codashop Pro has a number of features that can be used and of course it is free.

There are several main features like paying for a number of diamonds you buy is RP.0. This feature is the most sought after by many people to buy rare items or get skins or rare characters from gatcha activities.

Of course, you can get this app for free. Now, the good news is that all features will be unlocked without having to make a payment to be able to access premium features.

Download Codashop Pro APK

Codashop Pro

Codashop Pro APK is an app made by third party developers to buy diamonds in FF games, Mobile Legends and so on. Please keep in mind that this app is not an official Codashop party app.

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For all of you who cannot wait to have this app on your mobile, please download it via the link we have provided below.

Application Name Codashop Pro FF and ML
apk size 5.1 MB
Latest version currently 1.2
requirements Android 5.0 and above
app price Free
Developer Coda Payments Pte Ltd
Link download

And of course, we also provide a tutorial to install this APK easily, so have a good look at the tutorial below.

How to install the Codashop Pro app

Please follow the steps below to install Codashop Pro.

  1. Once you download the apk from the link given above, you can open it and install it right away.
  2. When opening this app for the first time, you will be asked to fill in a password to be able to access all features. Enter the password and click ok.
  3. Select a game and enter the ID of the game you are playing.
  4. Choose the nominal diamond you want, you can only choose one of them.
  5. After that, choose a payment method, it can be by direct credit deduction or you can choose an existing virtual account. Interestingly, the amount paid must be RP. 0.
  6. Enter the mobile number you use to verify. Don’t forget to check the option and wait for the purchase process to complete.
  7. Tap or tap the buy now popup.

How to use Codashop Pro to get free diamonds

Codashop Pro Mod Apk

So many questions how to recharge diamonds for free through Codashop Pro FF APK? If you don’t know, don’t worry, it’s very easy and doesn’t require root access. Let’s look at the following ways.

  1. The first step is to open the Codashop Pro app that you have installed.
  2. Select Free Fire or ML game, then the reload menu page will appear automatically.
  3. Enter your FF or ML account ID and indicate the number of diamonds you want to send to your account.
  4. Then click Next to be able to top up at a price of zero rupees.
  5. Done.
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Lack of Codashop Pro

When it comes to the shortcomings of an app, no matter how perfect it is, there are sure to be flaws. Whether it’s a bug or a bug of an existing feature.

But in Codashop Pro APK, there are almost no glitches. This application is practically perfect. The only downside of this app is that it cannot be searched on Google Play and App Store.

Also, keep in mind that this app is not an officially released app, but an app made by a third party, so you need to be careful when using it.

Is Codashop Pro APK safe?

Many questions arise from who is the point whether the Codashop Pro app is safe or not? For some news and comments and personal experiences, using this app is very safe.

However, you still need to pay attention not to use this app carelessly as it is for the security of your account.

Maybe it’s just enough articles that can provide, I hope the article discussing Codashop Pro this time can be useful to you all. Thanks.

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