Cloudflare sets new record for DDoS attack, and Brazil is one of the origins – Tecnoblog

Cloudflare Sets New Record For Ddos Attack, And Brazil Is One Of The Origins – Tecnoblog

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The internet infrastructure company cloudflare reported mitigating a distributed denial-of-service attack — also known as DDoS — of 26 million requests per second. This was the largest hacker attack recorded by the company to date. Among the countries from which the requests arose are Brazil, United States, Indonesia and Russia.

Ddos Attack (Image: Sigmund/Unsplash)
DDoS attack (Image: Sigmund/Unsplash)

The attack in question took place in the second week of June 2022 and targeted one of Cloudflare’s free plan customers. According to the company, the author used a small but powerful automated network of 5,097 devices. Each of the devices could generate up to 5,200 requests per second.

Typically, devices used in DDoS attacks are internet of things devices connected to residential internet provider networks. However, it is likely that the author hijacked servers and virtual machines, as requests came from robust platforms offering cloud services.

In a statement, Cloudflare Product Manager Omer Yoachimik commented as follows:

“To prove the size of this botnet, we are tracking another much larger but less powerful botnet with over 730,000 devices. The last major botnet was unable to generate more than a million requests per second, which is about 1.3 requests per second on average per device. Speaking clearly, this botnet was, on average, 4,000 times stronger, due to the use of virtual machines and servers.”

Omer Yoachimik.

Also according to Cloudflare, the attack came from several countries. Indonesia is at the top of the regions that originated the most requests, followed by the United States, Brazil and Russia.

Meanwhile, the hijacked servers and virtual machines belonged to cloud service companies such as France’s OVH, Indonesia’s Telkomnet, US Iboss and Libyan Ajeel.

Previous record attack also came from Brazil

Before setting this record, Cloudflare had prevented, in August 2021, another 17.2 million requests per second. According to the company, Brazil had been one of the bases for the largest DDoS attack in history, along with Indonesia and India.

The three countries were responsible for 17% of the total requests at the time. The company believes that there is a large network of devices infected by malware present among Brazilians.

With information: Bleeping Computer, Cloud Computing.

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