Closing down terrorist websites in the country is fair – legal expert

Closing Down Terrorist Websites In The Country Is Fair – Legal Expert

Well-Known Lawyer Lawyer Larry Gadon himself SUPPORTED National Security Secretary Hermogenes Espon’s decision to shut down all websites believed to be connected to the Communist Party of the Philippines-New People’s Army-National Democratic Front (CPP-NPA-NDF). ), a well-known communist and terrorist group in the country.

According to Gadon, it is obvious that they are in favor of leftist beliefs, especially in the discrediting of the current government.

It is recalled that Esperan asked the NTC to prohibit access to the site directly linked to the CPP-NPA-NDF, which the agency did immediately.

And some of them include the official publication of the National Democratic Front of the Philippines website and the website of CPP founder José Maria Sison.

Espen is also blocking some independent media sites such as Bulatlat and progressive groups such as Save our Schools Network, UMA Pilipinas, Rural Missionaries of the Philippines and Pamalakaya Pilipinas.

Esperan considers organizations and media groups affiliated with and supporters of terrorists and terrorist groups, although he has no solid evidence to substantiate his claims.

According to Gadon, the Philippine government has the right to take legal action if it feels that the security of the state is being threatened by left-wing ideologies and spreading false information against the government.

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In this regard, the office of CNT commissioner Gamaliel Córdoba also believes that the government did not err in its decision due to the open dissemination of propaganda, recruitment and fundraising from other countries to discredit the government.

“They have established a widespread online presence through their website, which they continually use to post propaganda and disinformation campaigns to defame the Philippine government, recruit new members, and solicit funds from local and international sources.” The declaration of Cordoba.

In addition to Joma Sison, the NCT internet provider also immediately shut down other websites that are allegedly used by government opponents to destabilize the country by spreading false information.

List of CPP-NPA-NDF related websites:


The Official Publication of the NDF

Jose Maria Sison

Philippine Revolution Web Hub


Shout out

PRWC writing

Revolutionary Council of Trade Unions

Compatriots – Philippine Overseas Revolutionary Organization and their Families

Save our school network

A Philippines

Philippine Rural Missionaries

Pamalakaya Pilipinas

AMIHAN National Federation of Peasant Women


People’s Archives

International League of People’s Struggle

weekly pinoy


International Action Center

Monthly Review

People’s March

Taga-Ilog News


People resist the news

Gadon, on the other hand, maintained that in the Duterte administration and even in the next one, the government did not violate the right to freedom of expression, despite criticism from both the left and right of many media outlets against President Duterte and even the Marcos.

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Fortunately, he said, SMNI is there as one of the most trusted broadcast media in the country today, with a big contribution in spreading important information to the masses.

If you remember, Rev. also got up many times. Dr. Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy, honorary president of SMNI, who will dedicate his television network as a government partner, especially in broadcasting fair, truthful and unpaid news.

Finally, Gadon also defended the legitimate media in the country who said that there was no obstruction or harassment of the media entities’ right to express their opinions even though they are free to live in government as they wish.

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