Climber Xi Chen rescued from Gulfside trail near Mount Clay dies

Climber Xi Chen Rescued From Gulfside Trail Near Mount Clay Dies

The hiker rescued from the Gulfside Trail Saturday night died of his injuries. The hiker identified as Xi Chen, 53, of Andover, MA, was attempting a presidential crossing when he was overtaken by severe weather conditions.

On the Gulfside Trail, officials from the New Hampshire Department of Fish and Game found Chen, 53, unresponsive and suffering from acute hypothermia. They stated that he had been there for some time.

A video provided by the organization demonstrated the treacherous conditions that rescue teams faced on the way to the lost hiker.

Chen was carried more than a mile to the summit of Mount Washington, where authorities attempted to resuscitate him before transporting him to an ambulance at the base of the mountain.

After being treated for several hours at Androscoggin Valley Hospital, it was eventually determined that he could not be saved and he was pronounced dead there.

According to authorities, Chen texted his wife that he was “cold and wet and couldn’t go on.”

Authorities said in a press release that the man had written that he believed he would die if not rescued.

After that, Chen’s wife contacted authorities, who helped make the rescue operation a success.

Climber Xi Chen Rescued From Gulfside Trail Near Mount Clay Dies

As a result of the dangerous weather conditions on Saturday, several hikers called to report their experiences to officials at the Department of Fish and Game.

At the highest points in the range, temperatures were below freezing, and rain, sleet and snow coexisted in the atmosphere.

Chen was from Andover, Massachusetts.

According to authorities, he was trying to cross the Presidential Cordillera when severe weather hit him.

The Presidential Traverse can be found in the White Mountains of New Hampshire and passes through several of the most impressive summits in the state.

This hike will take you to the summits of Mount Monroe, Eisenhower, Pierce and Jackson, as well as Madison Peak and Adams Peak. It will also take you to the summits of Mount Jefferson and Mount Washington.

If you come prepared and the weather cooperates, you can finish the hike in two or three days at the most.

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