Choetech Enclosures: How to Make External SSD Faster

Choetech Enclosures: How To Make External Ssd Faster
Choetech Enclosures: How To Make External Ssd Faster
Choetech Enclosures: How to Make External SSD Faster Screenshot 8

Have you ever wondered what to do with the old one after upgrading your PC/Laptop SSD? Why do you want to sell it, the price is not much, but if you want to use a PC/laptop there is no other slot. Well, the most open way to use it is to make it an external SSD.

Of course, there are additional items we need for this. We needed an external cover so the used SSD could be carried around, to keep it protected and easy to carry anywhere.

Unlike external HDD cases, external SSD cases are a little hard to find in Indonesia. But if you need it, you can look for it in external online stores. One product I currently use is a case from Choetech.
sales package

Priced at $64.99 (discount at the end of the article), the Choetech NVMe M.2 SSD case sales package is quite complete. In addition to the aluminum case, I got a USB Type-C cable, three 3M double ends, a screwdriver, screws and a user guide.

So don’t worry, if you buy this case, you won’t have to deal with all kinds of prints, so you can use it well.

This external SSD case from Choetech is made of sturdy and strong aluminum. The design is also quite ergonomic and suitable for mobile phones. For those who travel a lot and carry a lot of data, this case from Choetech doesn’t take up much space in your bag. We can even put it in our pocket.

The case has a ventilation design on both sides. This is used to prevent the SSD from overheating.

This case already uses USB Type-C for fast data transfer process. So also make sure you have a USB 3.x connector for maximum performance.

This case is also equipped with an indicator light that shows if the SSD is being used to process files, whether to transfer, delete data or vice versa.

There was a problem I faced when I wanted to install SSD in Choetech case. I had to try it several times to get used to the disassembly.


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