Chegg Accounts – Log into your Cheggs account at

Chegg Accounts – Log Into Your Cheggs Account At

Every student must have a Chegg Account. Chegg is an online learning service and app that offers its students help in many ways. Chegg sells and rents textbooks, both used and new. It also has a subscription-based service that is used to help students with math, homework, and writing. It also offers a free flashcard app.

Check Accounts

Check accounts

This platform is another one that makes students feel at school. In physical schools, students can ask questions and get answers from their teachers. it is the same way on the Chegg learning platform. Chegg teachers are always available to teach students at Chegg.

But you need to have a Chegg account to get the Chegg learning platform. It’s free to create a Chegg account, but if you don’t have a free Chegg trial coupon, you must register to receive the full membership package. However, get free chegg accounts comes with many amazing features like; Access to a large number of documents available for rental purposes. Help is always available 24×7.

Check registration

Chegg offers free coupons as well as a four month free trial of the Chegg Study Coupon for your studies. You can create a Chegg login account using your email address and password by entering your Apple, Google or Facebook account ID. To create a Chegg account, follow the steps below;

How to create a Chegg account

To create a Chegg account, follow the steps below

  • Get your mobile device
  • Go to the Google Play Store or your phone’s app store
  • When you get to the app store, look for the Chegg app
  • Click on the Chegg app and install it
  • open the app
  • When you get to the app homepage, go to the login section, click ‘sign up’ or ‘create account’
  • You will be directed to a new page, you will need to enter your email and password or sign up with your Google, Facebook or Apple account.

These are the steps to follow if you want to open a Chegg account.

arrive login

Without logging into your Chegg account, you will not be able to access all items on Chegg. Logging into your Chegg account gives you access to all your premium and free services. Read the article below to successfully log into your account.

How to log into your Cheggs account

You can do this with the Chegg mobile app or strictly online. To access your Cheggs account, follow the steps below;

  • With your browser, access the official Chegg website,
  • When you get to the homepage of the website, click on the login button in the menu icon.
  • A login form will be revealed, enter your login details which are your username and password.
  • After that, click on the login button.

These are the easy steps to log into your account. If you forgot your account password, click the link that says “forgot password” to set a new password.

Chegg Customer Service

If you have any issues or issues with your Cheggs account, you can fix them by contacting Chegg customer service. You can do this by following the steps below;

  • First, visit the official Chegg website at
  • Scroll down to the customer service tab and click on it.
  • In the list of options that will be shown, click on customer service
  • To get Chegg’s phone number, tap on the option that says “prefer to call?”. The phone number will be revealed to you on the screen.

Now that you have obtained Chegg’s customer service phone number, you can ask questions and ask questions at any time of your choosing.

More about Chegg

Chegg is an American institution in Santa Clara, California. They provide online learning services as well as assistance with homework, online tutoring, scholarship and internship correspondence.

Chegg is an online learning platform. The best place to do homework, ask questions, get teachers, return books and more. You will need to create an account to get started. If you receive a coupon, you will receive a 4 week free trial.

However, with your Chegg account, you will receive homework assistance, prep and test writing assistance in connection with your learning. More than five million employees also receive the Chegg questionnaire and Chegg math support.

common questions

These are some questions you can ask about Chegg and their answers

can you share Chegg accounts?

Per Chegg’s policies, you are not allowed to share Chegg accounts. You need to make sure that no one else is using your account. The Chegg study app allows only two devices to access your account in a given month. When logging into your account, stay with or the Chegg study app. Using third-party apps, websites, and VPNs can feel like a new device and you could be penalized for doing so.

How can I see which devices are on Chegg?

When accessing the Chegg app, you will be asked to register your device. If you already have two devices, you will see “manage my devices“, click on it and you will see the two devices that are already registered to your Chegg account. There will be a trade button next to them.

How much do Chegg subscription plans cost?

You can access your classes online at a specific cost. Although, Chegg allows people to have a free trial at no extra cost. Here is a table that contains a list of cheggs resource prices

subscription plan

Monthly cost

Chegg Study

$14.95 per month
Chegg Math Solver $9.95 per month

Chegg writing

$9.95 per month
Chegg Study Pack $19.95 per month

Will my Chegg subscription automatically renew?

Of course you do, if you sign up for a Cheggs Free Trail, your subscription will automatically renew to a paid subscription once it ends. If you want to cancel the subscription, you can set an alarm or reminder to cancel your free trial or you can use DoNotPay to cancel your Chegg subscription in time.

Is there a free 4 week trial of the Chegg study?

There’s a four-week trial from the Cheggs study, but it’s only available with a coupon. When you have the coupon, this is what you are likely to get;

  • Solutions for textbooks
  • Access to expert questions and answers
  • Ability to post new questions

If you opt for the Chegg study package, you will receive more. this is what comes with it, plus the features of the Chegg study

  • premium flashcards
  • Tests to practice
  • guided videos
  • math solver
  • writing tool

These are the resources you’ll get in a free trial of the Cheggs study

Is there a free trial of Chegg Tutors?

For Chegg tutors, there are no free trials. If you want to try out Chegg Tutors, you can purchase any of the lessons before signing up. Here are the options and prices for Chegg Tutors

plan type

Monthly cost
Chat classes (one class) $10.95 per class

Chat classes (subscription)

$19.95 per month
Video calls (subscription) $30 per month

Is there a free trial of Chegg Textbook Solutions?

No, Chegg Textbook solutions come with Chegg Study and Chegg Study Pack subscriptions. So if there is a free trial for the Chegg study subscription, you will also get textbook solutions. Chegg textbooks will allow you to get homework assistance and solve problems from various subjects with an easy step-by-step approach. With it, you can get up to 25 million sets of homework solutions and answers available at all times.


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