Check Telkomsel number

Check Telkomsel Number

How To Check Telkomsel Number

Telkomsel is one of the most well-known and popular providers. Many people use this card. Lots of cool offers and cool features are provided and you can get them very easily. The main requirement, of course, is that you have to use this card first.

In Indonesia, of course, this card can be used anywhere. Its wide range can make it easy for users wherever they are. The signal that tends to be stable is one of the reasons why many people cannot get rid of this prepaid card.

Check Telkomsel number

Knowing your own Telkomsel number is something you obviously have to do. You will face various difficulties if you do not know the card number you have. However, there are still many people who have problems that end up not knowing what number he has. For those who feel confused and don’t know what to do to verify their card number. No need to get confused because we have several ways or methods you can do this, here is the information.

Using the MyTelkomsel app


The first way you can do it very easily is to use an official Telkomsel app. You can find out the card number you have very easily, of course. So, as? Of course it’s very easy. You just need to download the app from the Playstore or Appstore that you own.

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Mytelkomsel App

In that case, you can open it and start creating your account. After that, try to reopen the app. And automatically the Telkomsel prepaid card number you have you can find out immediately very easily. No more need to do multiple ways as your card number will be displayed on the front of the app page.

Using dial-up service

In addition to using the MyTelkomsel app, you can also use or through this method. This method can also make it easier and let you know the Telkomsel card number you have. Take it easy, the way you can if you use this method that we will also provide for you, here it is.

How To Check Telkomsel Number

  • The first thing you need to do, of course, is open the phone menu on your mobile.
  • If this is the case, you can type *808# on the display.
  • After that, wait a few moments and your number will be listed there.

There are several ways to verify numbers, using available dialing services.

Checking by calling people

Calling People

In addition to using the two methods above, you can also use this method. You can use how to verify your Telkomsel number very easily. The method you need to do if you use or follow this method is obviously different from the previous method. However, this method is very easy for you to do, of course.

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You just need to make a call to the number of people near you. Why should people close to you? Because you can find out your Telkomsel card number very easily. Make a call to the number. And when you call, look at your number on the phone of the person you are calling. That way, you can find out your prepaid card number very easily.

Using SMS to other people

Check Telkomsel Number

In addition to using the calling other people method, you can also use this method or method to find out the number of the prepaid card you have. The method will also never confuse you and will not make you think or do complicated things.

The method is also very easy, you just need to make an SMS or send an SMS to the people who are close to you. Why should it be for the people who are close to you? So you can see your number quickly.

You can send SMS containing whatever you want to the right SMS. It’s just a point, okay, because all you want is to see or know your prepaid card number, right?

Some of the above ways you can do very easily. Choose the method that you find very easy and you can do it easily, of course. choose the method according to your wishes. Of course you can do this method. One important note you should pay attention to, of course, is to save your number right after registering your prepaid card.

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Save the number so you don’t have to do multiple series or methods above just to find out what prepaid card number you have. You have to be careful not to forget to save the number you have.

These are several ways to check Telkomsel numbers that you can do very easily and you don’t have to do various things that make you confused and complicated. Choose the method you can choose and make it so that you can immediately find out your Telkomsel prepaid card number.

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