Check out Nicky Tirta’s culinary business tips

Check Out Nicky Tirta’s Culinary Business Tips – The culinary business needs mental steel. Have the courage to try and hope to fail. Just knowing how to cook is not a guarantee of culinary success.

This is reported by Nicky Tirta when he is currently busy with the culinary business.

Capital, he has loved cooking since he was a child. But Nicky is just beginning to gather the courage to run his own company called Kytir, in the form of top-notch cookies he makes himself.

Nicky admits that it’s not easy to create your own culinary business, even though he’s already very well known to the public. In addition to culinary skills, he said, one must also have the courage to make an effort for anyone who wants to start a culinary business.

“Important culinary business tips need to be brave to try, you dare to fail, moreover, our cuisine cannot be tried once and succeed immediately,” Nicky said at the Cooking Demo event at Indofood House, Jakarta International Expo, Jakarta, Thursday, 23 June 2022.

Promotion is also the most important thing so that the food sold will be known to more people. Nicky advised culinary business actors to always use social media.

“Social media is now easy to sell, on social networks, e-retailers, promotions can be carried out for sale. So my advice to MSME players is to be brave, try it right away and don’t be afraid of failing, ”he said.

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Starting a culinary business doesn’t cost much money, Nicky said. Ingredients from local products that are easily accessible and affordable can also be used to prepare delicious food.

Nicky said food doesn’t just require expensive ingredients for high quality. However, a technique is also needed to prepare the right dose so that it tastes right.

“You don’t have to be expensive to sell products. You can make quality sales products, but with cheap materials. So you don’t have to import just the ingredients to get a quality flavor, ”he said. ***


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