Check out 5 simple ways to Meruqyah a home to make it comfortable and peaceful to live in.

Check Out 5 Simple Ways To Meruqyah A Home To Make It Comfortable And Peaceful To Live In.

In the teachings of Islam, we are taught that humans live side by side with other creatures, one of which are invisible creatures such as jinn. Among these groups of jinn, there are sometimes those who can interfere, so it is recommended to avoid such jinn disturbances by meruqyah at home.

The disturbances felt can range from feeling restless, anxious, to feeling like you are always being watched. This can have an impact on daily life, such as work productivity for worship that is not ideal.

Meanwhile, calling a shaman or performing satanic rituals is not recommended because it is feared that this could lead to polytheism. So don’t worry parents as there are several ways to ruqyah a house according to religious guidelines.

5 Ways to Meruqyah Home According to Islamic Teachings

Parents have various ways to meruqyah their own home according to Islamic law.

1. Diligent Worship in the House

In religious orientation, we are encouraged to always ‘animate’ the home with worship. In one hadith it is narrated not to make the house like a tomb.

Don’t let our residence not be used for daily worship. In the end, annoying genies are more likely to stick around and annoy their inhabitants.

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“Do not make your houses like graves. Verily, the devil flees from the house in which Sura Al-Baqarah is recited.” (HR. Muslim 780, At-Turmudzi 2877).

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2. Read Sura Al-Baqarah

Reading Surah Al-Baqarah is one way you can do to avoid the interference of jinn at home.

More specifically, it is recommended that every Muslim always read Surah Al-Baqaran regularly every day. This is to better protect the house and its contents from jinn interference.

“Indeed, everything has a peak, and the peak of the Qur’an is Sura Al-Baqarah, and indeed the devil, if he hears Sura Al-Baqarah recited, he will come out of the house in which Sura Al-Baqarah is recited. ” (HR. Judge, rated Hasan by Shaykh Albani).

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3. Like Meruqyah Home by reading the Quran directly

Live Quran reading should also be done rather than just tuning in to a recording.

In this age of technology, we can actually use it very well, including for worship. For example, listening to the Qur’an reading through recordings is no exception for those who intend to do meruqyah at home.

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It’s not really a problem. But Parents, you must read the Qur’anic verses directly if you intend to meruqyah. One of the keys to praying until it’s fulfilled is the heart’s intent, so it’s best to read it directly.

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4. Removing Living Beings

When going to the meruqyah house, you must first clean every corner of the image or something alive. For example, portraits of humans, animals and sculptures.

This is as narrated by the Prophet in a hadith. “Angels will not enter a house where there are statues and images – images (of life)” (Narrated by Bukhari).

5. Like Meruqyah Other Houses

Another thing that can be applied is to separate some items at home, Parents. Choose items that are still used and can no longer be used.

The accumulation of used goods can make the aura of the house more crowded. Therefore, you should separate some items that have been damaged, such as used TVs, used clothes, and miscellaneous other items.

To make the environment more comfortable, it is recommended to plant live plants outside the house. Not only as decoration, the presence of plants can provide a positive atmosphere in the home environment.

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These are some tips you can practice when you want to make meruqyah at home. I hope the above information can be useful.


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