Cheap American card packs from just 15k per month

Cheap American Card Packs From Just 15K Per Month

Cheap AS card packages only 15K per month – Kartu AS is one of the main cards owned by Telkomsel and has many customers in Indonesia.

Even though a lot of time has passed, AS card users show an increase every month. This is because the AS card provides a cheap monthly internet package with a large quota.

Those who have a US 4G card or an old US card and are looking for a cheap US card plan. So this information is very suitable to read.

To buy a package in the US, you can visit Tokedia, Bukalapak or any other credit sales store.

If you don’t understand how to buy a US pack from Tokopedia or online stores, you can buy it from Indomaret, Alfamart or you can also use Mytelkomsel app which can be downloaded from APP Store or Google Play Store.

Telkomsel offers a wide selection of cheap AS card packages with various benefits that new or existing AS card customers can enjoy.

One of them is to provide a large quota for accessing various entertainment applications like watching movies, listening to music or watching football matches.

So AS card customers don’t have to worry if the main quota has run out. Because they can still enjoy this benefit even if the main quota has been used up.

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Cheap american card packs

Cheap Ace Card Pack
internet packages Monthly Price Kuota Internet Kuota Video Max How to register/buy
AS Combo Card 5GB BRL 25,000 1 GB 2GB FB and BBM + 2GB VideoMAX *363*29#
As 5GB Combo Card BRL 50,000 3 GB 2 GB VideoMAX: HOOQ, VIU,

CatchPlay, SuperSoccer TV

at 25,000 Rp. 25,000 500 MB 1GB VideoMAX: HOOQ, VIU,

CatchPlay, SuperSoccer TV

Ace Card 2GB Rp. 15,000 2 GB *363# / *100#
Kartu as 4GB Rp. 30,000 4GB *363# / *100#
Ace 3GB Combo Card Rp. 35,000 1 GB 2GB VideoMAX: HOOQ, VIU, CatchPlay, SuperSoccer TV *363*49# / *100#
Ace 9 GB Rp. 50,000 9 GB *363# / *100#
Kartu As TAU Lite 10GB Rp. 60,000 2 GB 3GB Entertainment (VideoMAX, MusicMAX, GameMax) *363*13#
Kartu As Vaganza 3GB Rp. 60,000 3 GB 2 GB VideoMAX: HOOQ, VIU,

CatchPlay, SuperSoccer TV

at 30 days Rp. 70,000 13 GB *363# / *100#
Kartu as TAU 3G Rp. 70,000 2 GB 1GB VideoMAX: HOOQ & VIU *363*13#
Card as TAU 4G Rp. 70,000 7 GB 7GB VideoMAX: HOOQ & VIU *363*13#
Kartu As Package BB Lifestyle Rp. 80,000 Unlimited Facebook, Twitter, My Space and Kuota BB Blackberry Messenger *363# / *100#
Kartu AS Top 6GB Rp. 80,000 4GB 2 GB VideoMAX: HOOQ, VIU,

CatchPlay, SuperSoccer

Kartu AS Top 9GB Rp. 82,000 2 GB 2GB FB and BBM + 2GB VideoMAX

: HOOQ, VIU, CatchPlay, SuperSoccer

Monthly Combo Card Ace Max Rp. 92,000 500 MB MyTelkomsel/*100#
Kartu AS Top 11 GB Rp. 97,000 7 GB 2 GB FB and BBM + 2 GB

VideoMAX: HOOQ, VIU, CatchPlay, SuperSoccer, Tribe


Training :

  • Kuota Internet = Regular Quota + 4G As Quota + Local Quota. Use of this quota is free and includes browsing, chatting, apps, etc.
  • Free Quota = Internet quota that can be used on 2G, 3G, 4G, 4G LTE networks and applies to all services
    If you are on a 4G network, the first quota used is the 4G quota.
  • midnight quota = active from 00:00 to 07:00
  • cheapest store = The store that sells data packs at the lowest price
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This is the information about AS Card Cheap Packages for only 15K per month. It might be useful.

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