Chasing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy Chapter 2123 by DesireNovel

Chasing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy Chapter 2123 By Desirenovel

Chasing My Ex-Wife Isn’t Easy Chapter 2123 by DesireNovel

However, Sean never thought that… Luke spared him simply because he wanted Terry to live to hear his verdict. Luke was right: the best punishment for him would be to send him to jail, where he would suffer for the rest of his life, compared to a bloody but quick death. As soon as he thought about it, the hostility in Sean’s eyes was replaced by admiration for Luke.

“Do not look at me like that. I was just helping.” Luke curled his lips into a smile when he felt Sean’s gaze on him, then lowered his head to look at Gwen. “Do you still want to stay here?”

Gwen frowned in thought, then turned to look at Bonnie and Sean.

“It doesn’t matter,” she replied, looking at Bonnie. “Bonnie, Luna told me on the phone that you were just out of surgery and that you almost died because you were locked in a car… “Who the hell tried to do that to you? Do you need Luke to help you get revenge?” Bonnie couldn’t help but let out a bitter laugh when she heard this. “There is no need. It was


Gwen rolled her eyes indignantly at this. “That bastard! I can’t believe he did this to you after you left everything in Banyan City to find him! “If it weren’t for the fact that he is suffering from memory loss, I would have already told Luke to punish him!” Bonnie smiled at her. “Okay. He just doesn’t remember me, that’s all…” Maybe to Jim, she was nothing more than a cunning, manipulative woman who was after him for his money. Well, that didn’t matter anyway. manner.

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“You’re so soft, Bonnie.” Gwen let out a sigh. So, after talking to Bonnie for a bit, she and Luke turned and walked away.

However, the two had just taken a few steps when Luke froze, then looked at Sean. My offer still stands. If you need help punishing Terry Simmons for what he did to your sister, you can always come to me.

“Bonnie knows how to get in touch with me.” Then he turned and walked away, one arm braced protectively around Gwen’s shoulder. Sean pressed his lips together and clenched his fists beside her as he watched Luke leave.

For some reason… he couldn’t help but respect Luke.

Not only was Luke able to protect the people around him, but he also had the power to help others in their needs. Sean, on the other hand… “What are you looking at?” Luna’s voice sounded behind them as Sean and Bonnie watched.

Bonnie quickly turned around at the sound of Luna’s voice. “How is Nikki now?” Sean also looked closely at Luna, waiting for her answer. “There are some bruises, but nothing too serious. She is in good condition, I would say. Luna sighed, then looked at Bonnie with a pained expression. “I wanted to go in to take care of her, but she refused to let me near her. “She’s throwing a tantrum, refusing to let either me or the hospital staff touch her.” Luna’s gaze shifted to Sean as she continued, “Nikki said that…the only person allowed to touch her was her brother…but…she’s naked now. “Sean, you…”

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