Casual Hijab Pre-Wedding Photos Cool and Not Boring

Casual Hijab Pre-Wedding Photos Cool And Not Boring

Although there are not a few couples who think that pre-wedding is not something that should be prepared, it can be said that it is now increasingly in demand.

In addition to capturing the moment, pre-wedding photos are also useful for wedding purposes, as additional decorations to sweeten the wedding venue.

It has now become more widespread, really, for those who want pre-wedding hijab photos, even if they can be done indoors or out.

If the bride and groom don’t have enough time, indoor pre-wedding photos may be an option.

Not only do you save time, you also don’t have to depend on the weather.

But if you really want a unique pre-wedding hijab outside, the outdoor venue is the most suitable choice.

Pre-Wedding Hijab Casual Pictures (2)

Not always rigid, pre-wedding photos can say a lot about happy couples.

Especially if you like a more regular concept, the following examples can serve as inspiration.

Open air

1. Picnic in the park

Pre-Wedding Hijab Casual Photos (8)

Make your pre-wedding photos full of bliss with a regular picnic in the park, just wear a shirt and pullover when the two of you go to relax.

Complete with guitar properties to make the environment more beautiful and can make many people smile when they see it.

2. Flower gardens and weeds

Casual Pre-Wedding Hijab Pictures (14)

Just wear a casual shirt and a denim jacket like you’re relaxing like this.

Additional accompanying flowers can add to the joy of you and your partner according to daylight.

3. Garden and heart balloons

Describe the atmosphere as a confession of love to your partner with the presence of heart-shaped balloons and a bouquet of flowers.

A choice of casual clothes with ‘earthly’ colors such as green, orange and brown, combined with a natural background.

4. The roof of the building

It turns out that the top floor of the building is no less beautiful than her current pre-wedding hijab.

Pair casual clothes with calming, comfortable shades of white to make it look more compact.

5. Potted flower garden

Holding hands in the middle of the garden also makes your pre-wedding photo look like you’re taking an afternoon stroll.

The combination of blue clothes and matching accessories looks simple but doesn’t detract from the photo’s aesthetic.

6. Gardens and picnic tables

Wooden bridges can also be a beautiful natural addition to outdoor pre-wedding photos.

Add a table decorated with flowers and fruits, you and your partner will seem to prepare a romantic picnic.

7. Garden field and letter balloons

Here, a free and cheerful expression in the middle of a wide field is more the focus of a relaxed pre-wedding photo.

Wearing casual clothes, jackets and hoodies, you and your partner can pose holding letter balloons that form a personalized love structure.

8. Old Town Building

A leisurely walk hand in hand on the edge of various buildings can also be an interesting concept.

Adjust the clothes with colors or patterns as the background of the building to make it look more compact and fun.

9. Park walkway

Relaxation and naturalness can be obtained as you and your partner walk talking together on a park path.

The property of colored balloons can be used as a sweetener according to the pastel colors of the clothes.

10. Inflatable balloon in the park

Personalized organization, who’s playing with inflatable balloons is it just for kids?

Create a joyful atmosphere with an inflatable balloon in the middle of the garden in a casual style like an afternoon stroll.

beach1. Walk on the beach

Walking on the beach hand in hand is certainly a romantic thing that needs to be captured in photos.

Enough of a casual shirt with a matching color, you can also add a wreath as a sweetener.

2. Unique gift on the beach

You can create exclusivity with a variety of unique gifts, such as the following ‘floating’ gift.

Just choose casual clothes and matching jeans, funny expressions can also complement the photos so that they become more regular.

3. Focus on the sky beach

The beauty of the blue sea and sky on the beach can be a beautiful setting for couples, yes.

Especially with a shirt as simple as a t-shirt and pants, take a portrait without the legs to add a simple and free print.

4. Coconut trees on the beach

The presence of trees or other decorations on the beach can also be an option to focus on your photos.

For example, with the present sitting with his back to the coconut tree wearing a loose white shirt with pants.

5. Beach and bouquet of flowers

A bouquet of sweet flowers can complement a photo with a blue sea background.

The color theme of the white clothes is also suitable to add nuances of the couple’s sacred love.

6. Praia dos Corais

Sitting relaxed by the waves is also no less romantic for couples when taking pictures.

A matching red shirt can be an option to add a luxurious print that remains compact.

7. Laugh on the beach

The muted colors of pink and pink are no less sweet so the dominant color choice for relaxed pre-wedding outfits.

Add a wreath that is no less pretty and relaxed, like laughing together.

8. On the beach during the day

Color choices such as white and brown always contrast with the blue of the sea coast, so there is an impression of focus on a partner that remains smooth.

Posing while sitting relaxed on the beach while chatting also still seems romantic, you know.

9. Swing on the beach

Swing on the beach, why not?

No more matching clothes and black shoes, posing on this swing is more romantic.

10. Beach Pier

No less interesting is to pose with the couple on the beach pier with a blue sea background.

Wear lighter colored clothing for a bright contrast print, yes.

Interior1. big window room

Take advantage of the bright backlight that comes from a large window in a room for an eye-catching photo.

Try an unusual gift, i.e. sitting far away but still wearing matching white clothes.

2. White brick wall

Leaning into a room with white bricks can also be a unique photo.

Using the same shiny silk material on the front and back is also interesting to try, you know.

3. Family Room

Create a relaxed atmosphere like a couple’s life in your pre-wedding frame.

Casual clothes and props from books to read can be appropriate complementary elements.

4. Living room with photo outline details

Although at home it does not mean that there are no bright and cheerful colors, present them in the living room in the following way.

You can adjust the shirt color against a brightly colored background like yellow or blue.

5. Stairs and windows

Interior means being able to enjoy various components in it, such as stairs and windows.

It is quite simple to present in front of him using batik shades and stripes, be it a nice hijab indoor pre-wedding photo.

6. Pastel colors

Want to create a more cheerful environment with pastel colors?

Adjust casual clothes like bonnets or shorts so the presence of dolls and flowers can make the photo more attractive.

7. Warehouse room

A studio that turns into an accent can be a unique space that looks like your real home.

Add properties like stairs and cages to suit your casual fashion style.

8. Pink room

Just like the color of love, pink is closely related to this concept.

Just present a table, bench and cup like at home, you can uniquely pose and just relax and produce interesting photos.

9. Jeans

Relaxed twin outfits like this denim jacket can also be used for pre-wedding hijab photos, right?

With a PC and books, you and your partner will be taken during college.

10. Backdrop stripes

The photo of the two is also as simple as having an animated background as the background of the line below, for clothes you can adjust the lines and polka dots.

Enough of your hopeful writing board with your own writing partner.

Who doesn’t want to have a pre-wedding photo with the hope of an increasingly joyful wedding?

Of course you are one of them!


These are some pre-wedding photos that can be used as a reference when looking for inspiration when you are going to start your pre-wedding in some nature, Thanks for passing this article greetings assalamualikum Snap.

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