Call of Duty will now steal your weapons if you are caught cheating

Call Of Duty Will Now Steal Your Weapons If You Are Caught Cheating

Games that have online modes do their best to prevent hacking and cheating from occurring during matches, but they rarely work as intended. With poor implementation by developers or sheer persistence and skill by hackers, cheating has unfortunately become more and more common in games like call to action.

Activision, however, released an anti-cheat system called Ricochet, which was revealed in 2021. While it certainly addresses the issue of cheaters to some extent, the team behind Ricochet has come up with more creative methods to tackle the epidemic plaguing the game. . Details about the new mitigation techniques implemented in the game were revealed through the call to action the newest blog post on the site.

Mitigation techniques are implemented to keep cheaters present in the game long enough to collect data that will help Team Ricochet stop these cheaters in the future.

Inside Call of Duty: Vanguard and War zone, the newest mitigation technique to join the existing ones is called Disarm. The new technique works by detecting cheaters in-game and simply taking out whatever type of weapon they have, including their fists. This is done with the intention of “keeping cheaters in the game to analyze their data while reducing their ability to impact a legitimate player’s experience”, which seems simple and effective, for now.

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While mitigation techniques prove their worth every now and then, the biggest deterrent to cheating remains bans. Team Ricochet has apparently banned over 180,000 cheaters since their last update in February 2022.

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