Bye Bye Sir…I quit my job after writing 3 words, viral resignation letter

Bye Bye Sir…I Quit My Job After Writing 3 Words, Viral Resignation Letter

A letter of resignation (letter given to leave the job) is going viral on social media. Thousands of people are talking about it. The only thing is that three words were used in this resignation letter. Users are calling this ‘simple and punctual’.

Generally, people think a lot when writing a resignation letter. Many people don’t want to ruin their relationship with the boss of the company because they might have to go back to the same company. But on top of all that, an employee’s letter has become a topic of discussion on social media.

Only three words were written in the person’s resignation letter – Bye-bye Sir (Bye-Bye Sir). A photo of him is going viral on social media. It was shared on Twitter with a Twitter handle called @MBSVUDU. When sharing the photo, the person wrote – Simple.

More than 2 million people liked this tweet, and about 60,000 people retweeted it. This tweet continues to be a topic of constant discussion on social media. One user wrote in the post – At least it’s still formal. Another wrote – It’s so simple that no one will even need to explain. The third wrote — To the point.

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In addition, many people also shared a funny resignation letter. A user shared a photo. In which it was written – Dear Sir, I am not enjoying it. While sharing a meme, another wrote – Respected sir, it’s only been so far, that’s it. On the third user’s photo, it said – Sorry for your loss. This is me; I am that loss.

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