Buy Wirda Mansyur and Anang Even the Dregs Stocks – How to Succeed in Online Business

Buy Wirda Mansyur And Anang Even The Dregs Stocks – How To Succeed In Online Business

news from jakarta – What stocks were you talking about last year where stocks went viral again because of the significant rise. Many people have a desire to get rich quick and a high sense of hunger, tempted by how easy it is to be rich. It also attracts some artists to create shares, they launch their own tokens, because it is a promising business instead of buying cryptocurrencies.

But you know, the start of the stock or boom because of what? This is because the currency is used for mafia transactions (to buy drugs on the deep web), bribery (saving and withdrawing money from bribers) and criminals/terrorists (arms purchase and sale transactions).

And the worst thing is that most of the owner’s shares are idiots, including the stock exchange, where they make shares and their containers with the aim of deceiving. make it look like a big company through a website and ambitious goals through a whitepaper. people eat easily tempted. Not to mention that the stock price can be controlled by the manufacturer or the popes.

So, is it worth buying stocks? In my opinion, it’s worth it as long as you choose the right currency (generally waste will be lost in 2-3 years), the right exchange (because they pretend to be dead or hacked), know the risks (average stock will drop 95 per cent) ) and buy at the right price. well if you already know the basics just wait 3 or 5 years.

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And most of these people gamble on the stock market, as I said at the beginning, they jump into stocks without knowing the basics, moreover, they have a get-rich-quick hope and are driven by hunger. they buy when the stock is rising (because when the stock is rising is when the stock is peaking because of the rise) so their money – yours will go down. not to mention buying with borrowed money or future savings.

This is also experienced by my friend, he knows from the media that investing in stocks can get rich quickly and suddenly become a billionaire. Bought one of them, Anang token is called Asix token at the price of 50 rupees, now the price is 5 rupees and Wirda Mansur’s token is I-con, buy it at 300 rupees, now the price is 44 rupees.

When I first bought it my friend was quite proud, in the screenshots the assets kept being posted on social media. Don’t forget to spice it up with hit quotes like this, but it’s a shame the pride is gone. Yesterday, he posted a screenshot of the red market and said, “The stock sucks.” I see the WA post is quite amusing. maybe he’s a minus and his goods are worth the price of chips.

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Maybe he’s not mentally ready, like my other friends, because Luna penetrated the center of the earth, he bought 35 million, the asset value was 1.7 million, and then he slammed his iPhone in anger. but that’s how the stock is full of dramas, some can get rich and some even get poor.

So this is just a suggestion, if you really don’t understand how to stock, you better learn first. I don’t just want capital to get rich quickly, results keep fluctuating, fluctuating, so it’s almost crazy. or don’t even need to play, it’s better.

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