BPOM O-LONDON Jasmine Hair Shampoo

Bpom O-London Jasmine Hair Shampoo

O-LONDON Jasmine Hair Shampoo Already registered in BPOM RI, with product brand O-LONDON.

Below are the BPOM details for O-LONDON Jasmine Hair Shampoo.

product types Jasmine shampoo
Registration number NA11171001879
Issue date 2020-06-02
Location City Adm West Jakarta, DKI Jakarta
Packing 40ml bottle, 60ml bottle

BPOM O-LONDON Jasmine Hair Shampoo

Jasmine shampoo It is a branded cosmetic product O-LONDON already registered in the BPOM with registration number NA11171001879 and published on 2020-06-02.

This product is packaged in 40ml bottles, 60ml bottles, which are produced by RELINDO MULTI CIPTA, PT, PT, located in Kota Adm, West Jakarta, DKI Jakarta.

Currently, Jasmine O-LONDON Hair Shampoo is on the market, you can search for information on the internet with the keyword O-LONDON.

This is the information for Checking BPOM Brand O-LONDON Jasmine Hair Shampoo, BPOM information about this O-LONDON product is temporary. If you want more detailed information about O-LONDON Jasmine Hair Shampoo product, please visit BPOM official website by checking this registration number: NA11171001879

Source: cekbpom.pom.go.id

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