Birth Story Zainabbay – Our Midwife

Birth Story Zainabbay – Our Midwife

Good morning.. I want to share this story, thank God, yesterday he was born with minimal trauma and no drama. I went to the midwife but it turned out to be RSKIA.. HPL Aug 25th, Wednesday Aug 11th, I checked and the doctor said the head had gone into the pelvis, maybe during delivery it could be done, so watch out for signs, If there is a rupture of amniotic fluid or contractions, just go to the clinic or hospital..

Subhanallah, on Friday the 13th, many times my stomach started to hurt, but it didn’t go away, but it wasn’t intense. I immediately downloaded the budee app. The contractions were comfortable.. I tried, it took too long, ahahha wess. , already, her sister is looking for a smart kid, while she caresses her belly, hihi.. On the 14th I called my sister in East Java, I live in Central Java

I’m thinking about my other children, who will take care of me when I give birth? If my husband takes care of me or I take care of my sister, at least the other kids won’t be stuck, budee.. Alhamdulillah, on the 15th morning my sister came from a trip, I wanted to help take care of her niece, they stayed too happy, i’m very relieved, budee.. same with your stomach that is uncle deck, come on, come on, come on

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That morning I wanted to go for a morning walk and my 3 younger kids said why in the morning I just took my brother and sister, we weren’t invited.. Finally I decided to invite all 5, it’s nice to go from one village to another, ahh the same Who knows, after these walks, the birth of tomorrow Insha Allah

Birth Story Zainabbay - Our Midwife

Subhanallah that night budee why did contractions start to run frequently but not once 5 minutes still 7 sometimes 8 minutes once contractions can take up to 30 seconds just checking if contractions are comfortable there is no notice hehe. mucus comes out but it doesn’t feel like it’s not amniotic because it looks like vaginal discharge. to come home bude 4 hours later here again..

At home, contractions are comfortable, I don’t use them continuously, that’s fine. I play gymnastics while trying to sleep every now and then. I can imagine this at dawn or this morning, but I can’t sleep, I just walk home, ahahha, even though the others are sleeping.. At 12 the app shows that it says, I must contact the provider immediately. Or let the midwife/clinic know, because it’s been 5 minutes, you still have time to go up and down the stairs, that’s ok, you know it’s a level house hehe.

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I thought it was a detun that was trying to fix it, I’ll save energy for later, I drink a lot of honey, bude, drink water and eat dates. didn’t go to the hospital now, I could give birth at home, right? already the 6th child..

I immediately woke up my husband and took him to RSKIA in Sadewa, subhanallah, went into the ER, checked, opening 4 was immediately scrubbed and told to change into hospital clothes. Blood was collected as well, all fine while waiting for the results of the blood draw. How is my face ahhaa it’s still beautiful ..

Hello, thank God. Bude, even though midwife Wes said you just lay down, it’s still fine, I’m not tired, I asked my midwife, why do we want to defecate.

They said wait a minute to go to the delivery room.. It turned out my Hb was 9.7 bude the week before it was 9.4 so it didn’t bother me eating boiled egg whites, eating dates etc. my hb is low hehehe

At 2 am, I was taken to the delivery room, I had the same intention as the doctor there, ehh, it ended up being a fateful birth with the midwife on duty hehe.

When I checked, the membranes burst immediately and the midwife said the rocket was going to launch, I smiled as much as I could tell I can get out ma’am.

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When you feel bad, you leave immediately, but you are reminded by the midwife, don’t force too much, that smart sister… I don’t use it right away, but I don’t take good care of breathing, leave soon, thank God, the baby weighs 3, 2 kg without tearing, thank God..

I gained a lot of knowledge and benefits from the beginning of my pregnancy. I often read Bude’s website, IG and YouTube, alhamdulillah.. This birth and pregnancy are indeed different and they have a good impression, thank God

Always be healthy, budee.. I hope that knowledge will always be useful to everyone, God willing

Jazakillahu khairan (may Allaah reward him with kindness)


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