Beware of Cheap Victims Abroad, Ustaz Reveals the Dark Side of the Victim World

Beware Of Cheap Victims Abroad, Ustaz Reveals The Dark Side Of The Victim World

Sacrificial worship is worship that is highly demanded by every capable individual. The words of Allah SWT:

So pray to your Lord and sacrifice

Meaning: “Therefore, say the prayer only for the sake of your Lord and kill the sacrifice (as gratitude).” Sura al-Kauthar (2).

The law of performing sacrificial worship is sunat muakkad, which means that a person has a property surplus of the needs of himself and his family which he carries during the day of Hajj and at night as well as the days of tasyriq, but he does not perform the sacrifice so the law is makruh.

Compared to last year, the price of a part of this year’s sacrifice starts at RM680. The increase in all costs causes the price of cattle to rise as well.
We often hear about sacrificial rituals performed in other Islamic countries, especially those whose economy is not as good as Malaysia’s. It is largely run by NGOs and individuals. The one-part fee is still considered cheap compared to Malaysia. In fact, you are often told that your recipients only enjoy meat once a year as a “sympathy verse” for the people of this country who have the most livelihood.

But something we need to refine is, don’t be surprised because there’s a dark side to sacrificial worship outside of this country that can earn you millions of ringgits a season. It was shared by Ustaz Mohammad Yaakub Yusra Yusoff in the dark side of the world of sacrifice. He beware of choosing cheap sacrificial worship, especially abroad.

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Beware Of Cheap Victims Abroad, Ustaz Reveals The Dark Side Of The Victim World
The selected sacrificial animal must meet the conditions. it’s not just cheap

Here is the partnership:-

When the Bangladeshis enter the front yard, they will ask which one is the biggest. But most of us when the victim always asks “there’s nothing cheap and old enough”.
When you want to make a sacrifice, make sure you find more meat because there is more benefit to the recipient.

The dark side that prevails in the world of VICTIMS is that many collect with the highest value but the choice of sacrificial animals with a very low value. Be careful when making profits.

More concerning with foreign victims, I saw a complaint related to victims in Cambodia/Africa with a figure of 3,000. Personal experience in Cambodia is really very difficult @ impossible to manage so much sacrifice and surrender. In fact, I can only imagine where he would get so many cows.

There are sacrifice advertisements in Africa at a cost of 250 a piece, while the market value of cattle there is not so cheap. That’s why in the best sacrificial service, do it in a place close by and in the place where we work for a living. Circumcision we look at our sacrificed animals. This issue is to prevent fraud cases as well.
Avoid the mentality of making cheap child sacrifices.

Imagine if you can make a collection of 1000 tails to make a sacrifice, the collection of RM800 for a total part will be RM5600. When you go to the barn, you buy a lean and small cow for RM4000, so the profit after deducting the slaughter cost and slaughter wages is around RM1500.

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Total for 1000 head with profit of Rm1.5 million.

I suggest that for this year, participants look for a nearby Surau/Mosque or madrassa. Take the opportunity to care for your own sacrificial animals. Biaq is pleased with this worship.

Alhamdulillah, this week we had the opportunity to visit our cattle in confinement at Tenang Agro Kuala Nerang Farm, it is estimated that they will all reach 100kg net for meat just by Raya Haji.

For God’s sake, for 4 years I made sacrifices in MADAD. We recorded consistent losses as the participants’ collection was only RM4900 for one cow. But last year we paid a cow for RM4900. So there is no direct profit, in fact, last year’s cost needs to be absorbed, which is close to RM30,000 for almost 100 birds.

Remember, not everything is cheap and deceptive, just be careful. Many NGOs are transparent and do the right thing and are ready to audit.

If it’s true, I buy a ticket there and I’m satisfied. Buy this ticket and you will be rewarded as you spend time serving people.

Pray that the victims project of cooperation between MADAD, AAA and KIUT can be for the best benefit.

p/s: I don’t sell sacrificed cows. It is strange how the price of raw meat in some foreign countries is more expensive than our price. Not to mention the live cows. It should be more expensive and not cheaper. Source: FB Mohammad Yaakub Yusra

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