Best Free Survey Apps for Android and iOS

Best Free Survey Apps For Android And Ios

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Smartphones or smart phones are really smart. It’s not just a common communication tool, but it can be used for many things, including creating a poll.

There are many purposes you can do with surveys, for example for business needs, to get to know someone’s interests or for market research needs.

Or you can also use polls for fun, want to know the answer or feedback of a question for your audience.

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In this article, we will introduce you to some of the best free survey apps for Android and iOS. Of course, your cell phone can be used for this activity, it’s simpler and easier to do.

So which survey apps are right for us? The following is a list and a review.

1. Pollpop – Polls and Discussions

If you have a social media with a large following, you can create a poll for several interesting questions.

It’s a lot of fun if there are interesting questions and demand an answer from your audience. For example, if the simple question is do you want to live in the city or in the country, make a choice.

One of the perks of this Pollop app is that you can sort it based on various criteria like gender, age group to location.

Fortunately, this free survey app can be downloaded by anyone on both Android and iOS smartphones.
Download from Google Playstore
Download from iOS

2. Suggest – polls, polls, groups, discuss

Another free survey app is Suggestify – poll, vote, groups, discussion. This app has a pretty cool interface, like the appearance of a white theme with color gradients in the poll results.

You can create a live poll or create a community group. Create questions from a poll and enter up to 6 answers to choose from.

In addition, you can also set poll duration, make it easier for users to share polls, and so on.

Download Suggestify from Google Playstore
Download Suggestify for iOS

3. Free Survey App – SurveyMonkey

While the focus is on polling and polling, this polling app is one of the best at the moment.

You can create a poll of up to multiple questions and pages.

Download and install the application, then click on “My Survey”, select the desired topic and start creating survey questions. This app can also link you to various social media for easy sharing.

Download SurveyMonkey from Google Playstore
Download SurveyMonkey for iOS

4. SurveyHeart – Survey, Quiz and Online Survey

SurveyHeart has been downloaded by over 1 million people on the Google Playstore app. The rating is also quite elegant with 4.3 stars.

This app provides many templates by category. For example, you can choose a survey template for education, health, food, tourism, and so on.

This app is pretty cool, in addition to the community, it can also be used by companies to do professional research.

Download SurveyHeart from Google Playstore
Download SurveyHeart for iOS

5. Opinion

Also, the best app for creating polls is the OpinionUp app. How to use it is also very easy, once downloaded and installed, just click on the plus (+) button.

Then ask questions, answers, insert photos to choose an interesting topic. In addition to doing surveys for the public, it can also be for the group members themselves,

Download OpinionUp from Google Playstore
Download OpinionUp for iOS

Completion free survey app

that’s 5 free survey app best for Android and iOS. You can choose which one you like the most, basically all these apps have the same purpose, the creation mode is not too far away and it is easy to use.

I hope this article can provide benefits and insights for all of us.

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