Bermuda Leaks Remastered FF Max 3.0 Apk Latest Version 2020

Bermuda Leaks Remastered Ff Max 3.0 Apk Latest Version 2020

Bermuda Remastered FF – Good night friends, all of you, see you again with cute mimin who faithfully shares updated information about all our favorite games, free fire game. On this occasion, Mimin will share information about Bermuda Remastered FF. So for those of you who want to know more information, please follow the link below.

As we know, free fire has recently updated Free fire max 3.0 and currently the ff advance server has been opened. This means that we can try the beta version or unofficial version of the update that will be released on the normal server of the free fire max 3.0 game.

In Free fire max 3.0, of course, there are many latest updates either in the store, or other features in the latest version of the free fire game this time. So, as I said above. In this article, the admin will not discuss one by one what are the latest updates for free fire max 3.0 game. What mimin is going to discuss this time is about Bermuda Remastered FF.

So for those who want to know what Bermuda Remastered FF is and what is happening on the Bermuda Remastered FF map. Please see the full review below.

Bermuda Leaks Remastered Ff Max 3.0 Apk Latest Version 2020
Bermuda Remastered FF

What is Bermuda Remastered FF?

So Bermuda Remastered FF is a Bermuda map that has been reworked or replaced in terms of appearance, maps, buildings, rooms and even maps have been replaced.

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You will find many new things in the Bermuda Remastered FF map which makes the free fire game even more exciting. So what’s new in Bermuda Remastered FF. Here’s more information.

What’s New in Bermuda Remastered

There’s a lot of news in the Bermuda Remastered FF map, but here I’m just explaining, not explaining everything. Just a few things that are new to Bermuda Remastered FF, which I will explain. Here’s the explanation.

folder view

In Bermuda Remastered FF, the map display and place names have changed. For now, there are only 4 names, namely Yagami Garden, Fisherman Creek, Academy and Hydropower.

Weather conditions

In addition to the map display and name being changed on the Bermuda Remastered map, for weather conditions or sunlight in Bermuda Remastered, it is brighter or arguably more HD than the previous version.


In Bermuda Remastered there are several new buildings such as unfinished buildings, water towers, and there are also fishing village buildings around the site or places close to the sea.

Cherry blossoms and japanese ornaments

On the Yagami Garden map, you will be presented with a super cool game place that smells like Japanese. You will see a beautiful place with typical Japanese buildings around and lots of cherry blossoms that fall in this Yagami Garden map.

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There is a coconut tree

In Bermuda now you won’t find coconut trees, but you will find these coconut trees again in Bermuda Remastered around Fisherman’s Creek or Fishing Village.

the final word

So that’s a little Bermuda Remastered FF leak that I can share in this article. Thank you and don’t forget to keep visiting’s latest articles for the latest information about the Free Fire game.

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