Benefits of Synergy Herbal Oil for You

Benefits Of Synergy Herbal Oil For You

Herba Synergy Oil is a traditional oil used as a rubbing oil and massage oil. Synergy Herba Oil can help you relieve joint pain and can also help you heal bruises.

Benefits Of Synergy Herbal Oil For You

Synergy Herbal Oil blended and formulated from selected herbs and very effective in curing various ailments such as colds, wounds, strokes or broken bones. Synergy Herbal Oil It is also effective in reducing fever in children because it contains VCO and olive oil which has cold outside and warm inside properties.

Synergy Herbal Oil very miraculous, almost every problem in your body from head to toe can be treated with therapy using this oil.

Benefits of Synergy Herbal Oil

Synergy Herbal Oil (MHS) can overcome high blood pressure and paralysis, you just need to heat the oil by throwing the bottle Synergy Herbal Oil in a glass of hot water, then apply to the back of your neck or the part you are complaining about, then massage slowly. If you have a wound that bleeds, you can simply take a cotton swab and moisten it with Synergy Herb Oil. Then you attach the cotton to the part of your body that is injured.

You can also treat headaches using Synergy Herbal Oil. You simply apply the oil to your head and neck, God willing, the headache will go away. If you catch a cold, just apply Synergy Herbal Oil on your body or mix the oil with warm water and drink it, the benefits will be felt. Likewise, if you feel an upset stomach, you can simply drink a tablespoon of Synergy Herbal Oil. When you have a sore throat, you can simply drink Synergy Herb Oil, holding it briefly at the base of your neck before drinking.

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Synergy Herba Oil contains VCO which has benefits in preventing heart disease, curing arthritis, as a natural pain reliever and boosting the body’s immunity. in addition to the presence of olive oil which also has properties in reducing the risk of impotence and lowering blood pressure, olive oil also helps in weight maintenance and for men, olive oil also increases hormone levels.

The many good benefits of Synergy Herbal Oil content make this oil very worthy for you to have. For those who want to use Synergy Herb Oil, you can either use it directly or heat it up with hot water first for the benefits to be more pronounced.

Product Name: Synergy Herbal Oil
Consumer sale price: 45,000
Pack Content: 100ml
Pack weight: 115 grams
MUI Halal: 1516010910414
BPOM: TR 165 691 501

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