Bella tells him to be tied up, chopped up, doused in hot water – Witness.

Bella Tells Him To Be Tied Up, Chopped Up, Doused In Hot Water – Witness.
Bella Tells Him To Be Tied Up, Chopped Up, Doused In Hot Water - Witness.

KUALA LUMPUR – A witness for the prosecution told the Court of Sessions on Wednesday that a teenager with Down syndrome known as Bella, 13, said she was tied up, suffocated and sprayed with hot water.

Zurianty Sudin, 39, said this during the lawsuit of Rumah Bonda founder Siti Bainun Ahd Razali, who was accused of mistreatment, neglecting a girl with Down syndrome and suffering physical and emotional injuries before Judge Izralizam Sanusi, Sinar reported. Harian.

Zurianty, who calls herself ‘Mommy’, said the matter was brought up when she took Bella to Kuala Lumpur Hospital (HKL) by ambulance.

Responding to a question from Deputy Attorney Zilfinaz Abbas, the prosecution’s first witness said he discovered the matter while talking to Bella.

“I asked what happened, Bella said she got chili and hot water and tied it up and then she told me some names.

“When I arrived at HKL, I saw that Bella looked sick and her leg was hurting, but I couldn’t help it because I was worried that Bella might be infected with Covid-19,” he said in tears.

Zurianty also regrets that during her stay at HKL, Siti Bainun never asked about Bella’s health.

Instead, he said, Siti Bainun only questioned his action to place the foster children (Rumah Bonda) in the Covid-19 Quarantine and Treatment Center (PKRC) at Malaysia’s Serdang Agricultural Exhibition Park (MAEPS).

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When asked about Bella’s personality, Zurianty said the teenager was a caring person and knew how to make milk for Rumah Bonda’s babies.

Zurianty: Tell me to tell a child with Down syndrome to take care of a baby with Down syndrome, that’s what I repeated to ‘umi’ Rumah Bonda and who knows.

Zilfinaz: Who else has Down syndrome at home?

Zurianty: Two babies, three and two years old.

Zilfinaz: So who’s taking care of Bella?

Zurianty: I’ve never seen anyone manage Bella.

In the process, the defense was represented by the lawyer Nur Aminahtul Mardiah Md Nor.

On August 20, 2021, Siti Bainun was charged in the Court of Sessions here, as the person in charge of caring for a 13-year-old girl had neglected, i.e. causing the child to suffer physical and emotional injuries.

On November 20, 2021, the founder of Rumah Bonda was indicted again in the same court on charges of abusing a 13-year-old girl with Down syndrome.

The crime was allegedly committed in a condominium unit in Wangsa Maju here between February and June of this year, under Section 31(1)(a) of the Children Act 2001, which carries a maximum fine of RM 50,000 or imprisonment for up to 20 years or both – both if convicted.

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Rumah Bonda, located in Jalan Kukuban, was confiscated on July 21, 2021 after it was found to have been operating illegally since 2019 and not registered with JKM.

The trial continues tomorrow. -TTKM Bulletin-

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