Because the photo and the original are different, this man doesn’t want to meet the woman waiting for him at the eaves.

Because The Photo And The Original Are Different, This Man Doesn’t Want To Meet The Woman Waiting For Him At The Eaves.

A woman does not realize that someone she is waiting for is watching from afar and recording. – A woman waits for someone in the window. The woman didn’t realize that someone she was waiting for was watching from afar and recording.

This video of a woman sitting on the eaves of a roadside building was posted by the @videos_medsos Instagram account. The video footage was taken by the man from inside the car.

“Turns out the photo and the original are different. I’m sorry,” the video’s caption read.

The video recorder is someone who is actually waiting for the woman sitting on the eaves. However, someone in the car, reluctant to meet the woman. The reason is that the woman’s appearance is different from the photo she took.

“Even though it’s just you first, it’s not like that, so I feel sorry for the girl,” @videos_medsos wrote in the narration of her upload.

Seen from a distance, the veiled woman continues to pay attention to the phone she is holding. He also seemed to watch the busy streets of motorists. The woman didn’t know, that someone she was expecting, was reluctant to meet her.

This video of a woman sitting on the edge of a roadside building received a lot of attention from netizens. The woman received empathy from netizens.

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Poor girl… Find him first, well that’s bye² gpp…,” comments @laura.officialstore.

It’s a shame to see that can’t stand the difference, whether or not it’s just a matter of saying well instead of waiting, it’s definitely not a shame“, wrote @denhenggar.

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