“Beautiful baby. Elisya face, c0py paste it..” – Netizen

“Beautiful Baby.  Elisya Face, C0Py Paste It..” – Netizen

In conjunction with Father’s Day, Sheila Rusly’s Instagram sharing gained a lot of attention. Alahai Comelnya Baby Bunga El Haq. Nana Sheila’s granddaughter’s nose was decapitated and Tok Sidang Ni!!

Yesterday, Elisya Sandha gave birth to her first child, a girl, in a private hospital. The share of the good news was also shared by her mother-in-law Sheila Rusly on the account Instagram.

The news of the boy’s birth was also shared by actress Fasha Sandha, Elisya’s sister who was very excited to celebrate the birth of her son. Even Fasha shared the name of Elisha’s baby, who was named Flower of El Haq.

Latest, review on account Instagram Sheila Rusly didn’t fail to share her Father’s Day greetings. For the post Additionally, Sheila shared photos of her new grandson with Tok Sidang, Uzair Haqimy and father Elisya Sandha in a video.

&Quot;Beautiful Baby. Elisya Face, C0Py Paste It..” - Netizen

Sheila’s sharing once again caught the attention of netizens. The face drinks The flowers look fluffy at the side edges. There are netizens who say that Sheila’s granddaughter’s nose is so pointy and cute.

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In the comments section, the average person gave a word of congratulations to Sheila and her family who had just adopted their first grandchild and praised the cuteness. drinks Flowers. Among the interesting comments are:

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“Beautiful baby. Elisha’s face, c0py paste her package. Congratulations sis Sheila n family for the presence of new people in the family..”

“Yaa Happy Father’s Day everyone. The best thing is that the baby should be taken care of, alaa2, the king’s daughter is waiting with her atok2, hehe..”

“Congratulations sis, Tok Sidang and Haq. Happy Father’s Day to Tok Sidang and Haq too. Hello cute baby Bunga..”

“Congratulations Ms. Sheila on Atok2 Dah Ayah Baru Happy Father’s Day. From the edge, comellllll masya allah tabarakkallah baby Bunga..”

“The most special gift for Father’s Day. Congratulations to everyone for having grandchildren, I love seeing baby Bunga with his heroes..”

“Alhamdulillah, congratulations to sis Sheila and her family. Happy Father’s Day to Tok Sidang, Haq, I hope the presence of this cute baby Bunga adds to your life..”

“Congratulations also to grandma nenda nekma tokmama Sheila Rusly and especially to baby mama mak mummy ibu. Sheila’s granddaughter is very cute, you can see that her nose is pointy..”

Look at the edges, it’s cute drinks This flower. Alhamdulillah, congratulations Elisya has become a mother. Anyway, I hope baby Bunga will always be healthy and grow up to be a pious child for both parents, insyaAllah.

&Quot;Beautiful Baby. Elisya Face, C0Py Paste It..” - Netizen

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