Beach Lightroom formulas for your photos, must try!

Beach Lightroom Formulas For Your Photos, Must Try!

teknohow. with – Beach Lightroom Formula – Who has never been to the beach and felt the beauty of the greatness of God who created such a beautiful world? I’m sure you all will want to stop by the beach and try Beach Lightroom Formulas for photo editing. With the beauty of the sea, you certainly think about taking pictures. Because it’s a shame if you don’t capture such a beautiful place.

But usually the photos taken are still not good for uploading, so we recommend installing Lightroom Formulas on your photos. Lightroom’s formula brings your beach photos to life with shades of blue that make the sea and sky cooler than usual.

New Beach Lightroom Formulas for 2022

Before proceeding, make sure you have downloaded the lightroom cc android app which can be installed through the playstore and prepare an image with a beach background that you took earlier.

1. Light settings (light)

Light Settings

Creating a Beach Lightroom formula is very easy. First, set the lighting that will be the basis for mixing the different settings. Here are the settings.

Lighting -0.10EV
Contrast -16
highlight -32
Shadow -32
Rona Putih -38
Shadow +18

2. Color Settings

Color Settings

Go to the Colors section next to the light. Please see the table below for details and adjust it to your Lightroom app settings, folks.

temp +10
Vibration +10
Saturation -8

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3. Color mixing

Here we prepare only 5 colors as listed in the table. Leave the default value of 0 for the 3 colors not mentioned below.

Color Rona Saturation luminans
Oren -20 -8
Yellow -100
Green -100 -100
Blue -63 +55 -4
ungu -100

4. Effects

Effect (Effect)

To make Beach Lightroom’s formulas more complete, we’ve prepared the effects section. All you need to do is leave the default values ​​for the other tools and increase the values ​​for the Texture and Clarity tools.

Texture +20
Clarity +10

5. Beach Lightroom Formula Details/Details

Tutorial on editing presets The last formula of the beach lightroom is the details part for the finish. The goal is to make the photo much prettier and sharper than it was before it was edited.

Sharp 10
Lightning 1.00
Detail 25
noise reduction 10
Detail 50

If that wasn’t enough, check out the collection of Lightroom formula articles discussed in the previous article. There is also a Selebgram Lightroom formula that you can emulate for your photos like a famous celebrity artist.

That was the explanation beach lightroom formula. I hope this information can be useful to you. If something is missing, you can adjust the above formula to your individual taste to make it more suitable. Thanks…

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