Ayesha Curry outfit at Warriors Championship Parade (Pictures)

Ayesha Curry Outfit At Warriors Championship Parade (Pictures)

The Golden State Warriors recently defeated the Boston Celtics and won their fourth NBA title in eight years.

A big part of the reason Golden State was able to pull off the feat was team star Stephen Curry’s play.

For her troubles, Steph won her first career finals MVP trophy.

Steph’s wife Ayesha was on hand to celebrate with her boyfriend from start to finish – and this continued into Monday. The NBA’s all-time GOAT partner went viral at the Warriors’ championship parade for her outfit choice:

On the whole, Ayesha has been in the headlines non-stop for the past few days. Between the video of her provocative dance with Steph’s Finals MVP trophy setting the internet on fire and then just her scathing reaction to Golden State winning another chip-she’s been a mainstay of the news cycle.

Her going viral on Monday for her outfit was just part of the course.

Interestingly, Ayesha and Steph weren’t the only family members to get people’s attention this week.

His daughter, Riley, also received a marriage proposal at the parade. Her reaction to this immediately went viral for obvious reasons.

This has been an incredible week for the Curry family, who have seen them receive the adoration and respect they’ve earned in the past year.

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Eventually the luster of championship racing wears off, but I hope they can continue to absorb it for many more weeks and months to come.

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